Maine to Melbourne Lobster Roll @pinchys_co @hwkrmelbourne #madebysea

Scottish weather holding up for our visit to #Talisker yesterday 🤙🏻

Creamy Crab Croquettes. 💛💛💛 Tag 2 other friends you'll share this with. Or not. 😜

Did someone say Salted Egg Lobster & Prawn?! 🦀🦐 We are in heaven right now. 😍

@pinchys_co, you guys are on a roll with your Khao San Roll! 😜 Chilled ginger lobster from Maine, Thai red curry, lychee, toasted crispy bun, kaffir lime, Asian slaw. SO. MUCH. YUM. 🤤

Tempura Prawns from @pinchys_co sound good right now. 🍤 Or one of their Lucky Tiger rolls. 🦐 Or maybe just one of everything, right?

Pinchy’s is sustainable, traceable and affordable all while using the best lobster in the world. With the mission of creating one-of-a-kind moments and redefining lobster, PINCHY’S is the place you need to feast at in Melbourne. Made by Sea, Served Well.

#FridayFeasts fit for kings and queens. 👑

Don't you think a group of squids should be called a squad? 🦑🦑🦑 Skewers by @pinchys_co! Tag your #SquidSquad

Coming soon to Pinchy's! The Maine Lobster Burger with beef patty, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun with our special spicy sauce.

Australia’s first food concept to offer fresh quality lobster and Alaskan King crab sourced from Maine and Alaska, USA. Inspired by extensive travel through South East Asia and the USA, Pinchy’s is bringing an Asian twist to their menu by offering unique pairings of flavours - salty, sweet, sour and spicy.

Feeling festive? We brought these guys to the party. Alaskan Crab Tacos with king crab, avocado mousse, tomato salsa, lime and coriander.

You had me at lobster. ❤️

@pinchys_co's bringing you the best of the best from Maine to Melbourne 🇺🇸🇦🇺 Chilled lobster, lemon mayo, warm butter, toasted crispy bun, secret seasoning, chives. Yaaaassssss 👌

TFW you bite into @pinchys_co's Lucky Tiger. 🐯🍤 That salted egg yolk umami-ness... just so on point. 👌🤤

Feast your heart out. 😍😜🤤

Celebrate Fridays with lobster rolls. Available at @hwkrmelbourne. 137 A'Beckett Street. #fridayfeasting 😜

Lobster rolls for lunch? Sounds like an amazing Friday. Available at @hwkrmelbourne. 137 A'Beckett Street.

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