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Well it's #mancrushmonday again and this time I'm featuring Kellen @purebredwood in Tennessee. This video is titled "Big Maple Beginnings." His turned bowls are attractive, too. 🤓💪🏻

🖤💕 Hi everyone! 💕🖤 I just finished up this little custom with a flower crown 🌹🌹 What do you all think??? 🌹🌹 I will have one more with a flower crown to share this week! I have started working on it, her name will be "Belle." Can you guess why?🤔🤔🤔 #polymerclay #babydragon #sculptures #pinkroses #flowercrowns #miniatures #figurine #dragons #magick #fairytales #creatures #etsystore #customorder #dolledup #babydragons #premo #magical #enchanted #arttoy #handmadewithlove #giftideas #hotpink #madebyhand #sparkles #mysunkissedstudio

Thanks to @larocca.don for the heads up. @metmuseum .
This photograph and 2015.492 were taken for Dr. Bashford Dean (first curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of Arms and Armor) in response to his request for evidence of any living craftsmen in India who were still making mail armor in the traditional way. A survey of British Residents across India was undertaken on Dean's behalf by Major R. B. Seymour Sewell, Director of the Zoological Survey of India, Indian Museum, Calcutta. The result was that only a single artisan was found, identified as Suraj Uddin in correspondence between Sewell and Dean. Sewell received these photographs from the Resident at Jaipur and mailed them to Dean from Calcutta with a letter dated November 23, 1926. Although sought by Dean for research purposes only, these photographs can be recognized now for their rarity and importance on several counts: they are remarkably well documented Indian examples of the petit métier genre of recording local craft traditions, which began in Europe in the late Middle Ages through the medium of prints and continued via photography into the 1950s; it is extremely unusual, possibly unique, that the name of the craftsman is recorded; as studio photographs made in Jaipur in the 1920s, these photographs may be attributable to Gobindram and Oodeyram, the leading photographers in Jaipur from the 1880s and still active as late as the 1970s; as Dean originally intended, the photographs are invaluable for the tools, materials and the activity that they document.

Wearing a turban and white jacket, the craftsman Suraj Uddin sits on the floor in front of a low cloth covered table on which his tools, materials, and a large piece of mail armor are carefully laid out. He holds tools in both hands and is seen in the process of repairing an area of the mail. Behind him to the viewers left there are a wooden box and more mail and tools, and to the right a box or chest covered by another mail garment. All this is arranged in front of a painted studio backdrop

Bazı kalıpları silgiden de yapabilirsiniz 😉 hedefim ahşap oymacılığı 🤗 Yakında

✨ not usually about the selfies but too excited about the @albers_foundation new edition of “on weaving” and the @weaverhouseco original shirt which felt fitting to wear today 🤗 the book is beautifully printed and i can’t wait to really dig in. especially looking forward to t’ai smith’s essay—her book “bauhaus weaving theory” is a fascinating read ✨

These colours though 😍🙌🏻 #obsessed Yes for those of you asking, YES this pattern will be available soon! Likely the very start of October at this stage, this mama can only do so much you feel me?! 😜

Today would have been my Dad's 77th birthday so this story is dedicated to him. [story] The people of Martin-on-Wine-Gum were a jolly lot. They enjoyed walking in forests and swimming in woodland lakes, always making sure their glasses are held on with a complicated knicker elastic system. They knew all the names of all the trees in summer by their leaves and in winter by the shape of the branches - always a useful skill if you go out in winter and come back in summer and need to get your bearings. They did not use The Email but hand wrote every letter to everyone and anyone who needed their help or opinion but had an unfounded mistrust of "country-side postboxes" The people of Martin-on-Wine-Gum had a Wine Gum factory which was handy as everyone knows wine gums are one of your "5 a day" and so must be consumed continuously. The village cafe did not sell coffee- eewwww no - instead it had a Bovril machine and everyone had great steaming mugs of it every morning for elevenses. The pub only sold red wine and real ale served in tankards or "proper" beer mugs with handles - the villagers would visibly pale if offered a straight sided glass.... They always took their holidays on the Suffolk Coast or The Isles of Scilly (where one day on the island of St Martins they would have their final resting place - toasted with wine gums) For relaxation the villagers would paint watercolours in the countryside. Everything in the village was 800m apart as this was the "magic distance " for all "trained athletes" and could be reached in around two minutes. The village of Martin-on-Wine-Gum is a beautiful place but I am not suggesting any of you try and visit unannounced as this would greatly alarm the villagers they like prior arrangements to be made even for telephone calls and mobile phones are definitely Not Allowed. It's very difficult to get an invitation to Martin-on-Wine-Gum as the inhabitants like peace and quiet but if you do something extraordinary like be The First Man on The Moon you might get an invite and might even find yourself in a nightclub until the small hours...... #lovelyairylove #documentyourdays #momentslikethese #gonebutnotforgotten #livethelittlethings

This necklace is handcrafted from a real maple seed. To create it I handpicked a seed of a huge maple, then I molded it and cast in solid sterling silver. I think it may become a nice gift for a person who loves the beauty of autumn forests. Available in my Etsy shop (link in bio), price 42$.
Этот кулон - точная копия настоящего кленового вертолетика. Чтобы сделать его я выбрала семечко, которое мне приглянулось, сняла с него форму и отлила из серебра 925 пробы. Стоимость при оплате на карту или наличными 36долл.

#jewelry #jewelrylove #makersmovement #madebyhand #woodlandjewelry #fae #mapletrees #mapleseed #enchantedforest #botanical #elvenjewelry #leafjewelry #naturaljewelry #mossy #jewelrypackaging #prettypackaging #moss #natureinspiration #natureinspired #silverjewelry #серебряныеукрашения #pendant #ukrainiandesigner #giftforher #необычныеукрашения #treelover #green #nature #madeinukraine #anastasiasobkevich


Custom single fin built for me by @surferscountry
Thank you so much✨🙏🏾
#sunflower #surf #surfing #art #music #beach #ocean #handmade #singlefin #madebyhand

Handmadenesia mengadakan acara rutin yaitu handmade workshop class. Pada workshop kali ini kamu akan belajar lengkap mengenai kerajinan tangan BiFold Wallet, dari mulai pemahaman dasar sampai praktik langsung membuatnya dan bisa membawa pulang hasil karyamu sendiri!

Mau belajar bikin kerajinan kulit? Mau menambah skill dan memulai usaha leather handmade tapi bingung mulai darimana? Mau ngobrol dan ngopi bareng sesama pencinta leather craft? Yuk ikutan workshop ini!

Untuk detail acara dan pendaftaran cukup buka link dibawah ini. See you on the class guys!

http://handmadenesia.com/event/belajar-bikin-bifold-wallet-berbahan-kulit-nabati "Go upgrade your level from lover to crafter"

#handmadenesia #handmadeindonesia #handmade #buatantangan #buatantangananakbangsa #kerajinantangan #madeinindonesia #madebyhand #handmadelokal #buatanlokal #buatanindonesia #handmadejkt #handmadejogja #handmadebdg #madebyhand #madebyme #handmadebylove #leatherwork #hmdlthrwrk #hmdleatherwerk #homadeleatherwerk

Looking forward to sharing the nature inspired jewelry design of @johniversenjewels this weekend in hanover! #nature #natureinspired #pearls #madeinusa #madebyhand #goldnecklace #pearlnecklace #pearlbracelet #goldhoops @andreae11

🎀 How absolutely adorable is little princess Carys .. honestly it's a privilege to have this little cutie and her super woman mum on our team from the beginning off me opening @lillysbow_tique .. Carys' mum is the most kind hearted lady I've ever come across and a warrior, so from me to you, Kay "Thank You" @tattooznglitter .
These princess crown initial bows are available on our website in a range of colours .

Пришёл кожзам! 😄 Мноооогоооо!!! И новые цвета! И кожзам с тиснением "питон"!🙈
🔊не забудьте включить звук 😉
Немного о блокнотах...
🔸Блокнот размера 22.86 см на 15.24 см. 🔸Состоит из обложки и набора тетрадочек, которые крепятся внутрь блокнота с помощью резинки.
🔸Внутри обложки удобные карманы для мелочей, сменных тетрадей, карточек, документов.
🔸Закрывается на резинку.
🔸В комплекте к обложке идут 4 тетрадочки на ваш выбор. Подробнее о тетрадочках по тегу #тетрадочки_lollypopdori
💰Цена 1500 рублей плюс доставка📮 по тарифам Почты России (от 100 до 250 рублей )
❤Влюбились?➡ Пишите в директ или просто нажмите понравившиеся кнопочки в профиле 😆
А все подробности о самых удобных блокнотах планерах можно найти по тегу #lollypopdori

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th this year and to celebrate, we are giving away mooncakes to our fur customers! Look out for these yummy special treats, lovingly #handmade by the #Petpawroni team. 😋
#sgdogs #doggrooming #sentosa #seletar #dogs #doglife #dogscorner #mooncakes #mooncakesg #madebyhand #withlove

❤️ The Cheeky Reindeer Bow- available in two sizes ❤️
Absolutely love this little dude on these bows.. so many different moves he has ❤️

Yndigt børneunivers på Bornholm 🍁🐰🐭🍁 @by.sofiehammer 🙏🏼
Og den fine Taske fra @marinetmarine i uld passer perfekt ind 👜

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