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lauren's actually pretty good 😂💗

I've already posted this picture but because school starts for me tomorrow I'm posting it again @maddieziegler #maddieziegler


"Chloe Gets Upset Because She Misses Dancing With The ALDC " 😭😱 || (Season 7, Episode 17) 🎬 || your battery percentage describes the chance of you getting all A's this school year: 64%

Lauren dancing is me

Battery percentage = how many kids you will have 😳😳

Feature- @sammyb143

comment your favourite place in the world: los angeles
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I did a drawing of this photo but I don't know if I should share it... it's not my best. What do you guys think? Comment if I should ☺️💕 • #maddieziegler #mackenzieziegler #kenzieziegler #thezieglers #beautiful #girlsruntheworld #fanaccount

SORRY I WAS SO BUSY!! •• Blood of Brothers/ Johnnys POV { I grab my keys and walk into the door, and as I open it I hear my brother Hayden behind me. "What are you doing?" He snarls at me, and I roll my eyes. You can see we don't like each other. "I'm going to Kenzies." I reply, slamming the door behind me, only to hear it open moments later. "No you're not. I AM!" He yelled as I slammed my car door. Of course he was. He always had to rival me... Especially when it was Kenzie. I turned on the ignition and pulled out of the driveway, and as I drove down the street I saw Hayden in his car tailing me. As I pulled up to Kenzies house, I rapidly knocked on the door and when Kenzie answered I stepped right in and closed the door behind me knowing that Hayden wasn't far behind••• I KNOW ITS SHORT 😘comment below #maddieziegler #mackenzieziegler #aldc #alsc #kenzieziegler #kenzie #jenzie #johnnyorlando #laurenorlando88 #kendallvertes #jaddie #jackkelly #dance #relationships #goals #abbyleemiller

Mαde: 12/19/16
fc: 28.5k ✧*ೃ༄
give cred if you use
vid or cap tysm ily.
hello guys welcome
to my αccount. I
mαde this αccount
to support mαrio
becαuse i luv him
sfm. i will αlwαys
love αnd stαnd by
him. he chαnged
my life αnd i
αm so grαteful for
thαt. i hope you
enjoy my αccount.
i will host dαily
gαintricks + gαmes
so stαy αctive wly.
comment ˗ˏˋilyˎˊ˗ letter
by letter. ✧*ೃ༄
hit 30k:
hit 40k:
hit 50k:

I automatically thought about this fact when I watched Luna's Snapchat... I kept it save for like a month😀 BTW thanks for the unfollows
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