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So today it's seriously the 24th birthday of our so much loved queen omg 😭😭 I'm literally crying 😭😭 Happy Birthday Ari! 😭❤ I hope this will be very special for you ❤ I'm sure it will be 😊❤ I just wanted to tell you thank you for all because you make me happy and smile everyday ❤ You are probably the only person who understands me ❤ I still remember the time I saw you on TV in Victorious and I really started liking because you was so funny and made me laugh and smile 😊❤ Few years later I still watched Victorious and then also Sam & Cat ❤ I remember in 2013 I became a very very big fan of you and then I also created my first fanpage for you ❤ I created and deleted so many and now I'm here ❤ So many things aren't unforgotten by us like your "sheesh phase" 😂😂 《I got a million dollars sheesh got a million dollars》Remember? 😂😂 So many funny Snapchat stories like when you said "common titties" 😂 But one of the most iconic moment was "Scooch a Mooch" 😂😂 I'm still laughing about that 😂😂 There were also funny/cute Honeymoon Tour moments like when you fell during Bang Bang in Toronto, when you hit a security guard with your elbow and couldn't stop laughing and much more 😂❤ There were also more cuter moments like when you was sick and still performed at the Honeymoon Tour like in Portland, when there was that big storm in Hershey PA and you still wanted to perform, when you almost died during Love Me Harder but didn't stop the show, when you gave a fan 15,000$ for college, Manchester benefit concert,... I'm still remembering all those things and much more ❤❤ So now where standing in 2017 in the day of your birthday and if I start looking back to all those things I'm seriously very proud of you ❤ You did and reached so much ❤❤ You made us so happy with all those things ❤❤ I love you with the bottom of my heart ❤❤ Thanks for all ❤❤ Happy birthday my queen ❤❤ By the way thank you to for the birthday pics to: @aaakkkyyyyyy @aarianaadwt @dheadwiapriliani @marymothersole @nicole_nici1 @_fjolla.kk_ @arimoonlight_xox @gomezsluv @alikat4804 @arianyka_dian_gym @dangerousariwoman @autumn.niicole @abi.brownn @ariiangrade
Music credits goes to "UMG

omg 😍

left ⬅️

follow @grandepolicy (me) for more 💭🔥

@kellysweeney1 killed this omg

Ari is turning 24 tomorrow WHO'S EXCITED??? 😍

"what did you get mickinzie???" 🤦🏼‍♀️

My two babies are soo cute I love them! 💓✨ I'm going back to editing and I'm soo excited I miss editing and since break is up I have time to edit! ☺️❤️ FOLLOW ME @MOREZIEGS FOR MORE!
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okay aut I see you😍 #killed
amazing choreo @toddflanagan


hey guys i'm doing an account give away! i know the follower account is pretty low but it'll grow over time. heres what you have to do it's very simple🗣
1. you MUST be following me and @maddiiestyle (the account) and don't lie because i will check🦋
2. comment when done🌸
contest ends June 30 this Friday! i will be using a website that'll choose the winner⭐️
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The dm fandom should work for the FBI...nothing ever gets past us. We find things out about the girls even before way before they realize it. Lmao😂🤣😂 #dancemoms #chloelukasiak #maddieziegler #niasioux #kenzieziegler #kendallvertes #kalanihilliker #camrynbridges #brynnrumfallo

He's adorable :)
- go like and comment on my recent &
I'll return love y'all 🌷💓🌸
@jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius

I'm bored so i'm making edits like this :) :) —*—*—*—* —*—*—*—* #brynnrumfallo #aldcla #dancemoms #kenzieziegler #maddieziegler #kendallvertes #niasioux #kalanihilliker #jojosiwa #dance #summer

Happy birthday ari 🌸💜ilysm
I hope your day went amazing you deserve all the happiness you can get💓
Hope to see you again soon :))
@arianagrande #arianagrande

Ik the Camryn, Lilly, and Elliana picture is very current but that was the best I can do -
we all love the thumbnail!! haha!:) -
comment requests bc I'm in need of requests -
who had the best glow up? -
I think it is definitely all of them bc they are all beautiful in their own way!!:)
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#camrynbridges #niasioux #kendallvertes #kenzieziegler #maddieziegler #maesicaes #ellianawalmsley #lillianaketchman #glowup #gloup #transitions} -
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