stg before y’all @ me at anything . us annie stans only “attack” kenzie bc of y’all ugly ass kenzie stans keep body shaming or assuming shit about annie so we obviously gonna fight back bc i stg if kenzie had no boobs and annie did y’all would switch up so mf quick . honestly kenzie and annie stans have so much mf hate for eachother like chill why do y’all care about their body’s like damn , us hating on them don’t make us money or help us with life so why even bother? i get it i shouldn’t be talking either bc i talk so much shit about kenzie bc guess what , y’all kenzie stans talk A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT about annie so you know what imma show you how it feels. and also when kenzie stans talk shit about annie everyone es fine with it but when one annie stan ONE ANNIE STAN talks shit, everyone gets mad saying “omg ur so mean this is why annie has no friends” BULLSHIT! y’all ugly mfs stop talking shit about people and honestly say it to their face and be bold bc if i see another comment about body shaming or talkin shit about annie imma literally@ft you and say somethin. bitch try me, i ain’t scared boo . and trust me if you live in va or close to there, i would fr like on my mom pull up to yo house and beat the shit out of you and you will see how it feels ok? okay bye love you . oh and also why do you even care about their body? and alsoooooo if an annie or kenzie stan if body gaming them , don’t body shame your idols mf talk it out but just don’t take it out on them like fr damn what’d they do to you
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