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Girl you’re my angel. You’re my darling angel. 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼

#kenzieziegler #jenzie #mylove #daniellecohn okay so I did want to drop this whole thing but why is Bridget’s mum not hating on this or plenty other pics out there why hate on Kenzie does she want something out of it ? I think so Kenzie asked her to “check DM.” And she didn’t she wanted everyone to see how much of a low life she is. Personally I think the mother knows how famous Kenzie is and has a lot of fans and wanted to start all this drama for followers and likes on her daughters Instagram why else would she use her daughters Instagram and get her daughters name involved in it all just because her daughter has like hardly any followers and isn’t famous in the slightest dosent mean she should hate on kenzie because she is the opposite and is doing something some people don’t like. Personally I’m fine with it 🌈 #kenzieziegler #hannie #maddie #maliboo

We all are #Maddie

Chapter 33

Johnny’s POV:
After Maddie ran past me I yelled out her name a few times but she completely ignored me. I know she heard me because she stopped when I yelled her name. I don’t know why Melissa and Maddie are here but if its for Kenzie then I should leave them alone. I walked out of the hospital. I need to get my mind off Kenzie. I haven’t been at school these past few days so I decided to call some of my friends to see if they want to hang out.
J: Yo Carson, want to hang out?
C: Sorry dude I can’t.
J: Thats fine
I tried calling a few other people but they were all busy too. I walked to a small park and sat on the swing alone. I was swinging and looking at my phone when a girl came up to me. She was beautiful and she looked really familiar.
?: Johnny is it?
J: Yeah hey. Nadia?
N: Thats me
J: What are you doing here?
N: I was just going for a walk. What about you?
J: Well, I tried calling my friends to see if they want to hang out but they’re all too busy so I thought I’d come here
N: I can keep you company
J: That would be great *smiles*
N: Where do you want to go?
J: Theres a fair just down the road.
N: Lets go
Nadia and I began walking to the fair. I don’t know what it is but there is something about Nadia that I love. She reminds me so much of Ke-
N: Why haven’t you been at school?
J: Oh uh, just some personal stuff
N: I really missed you *smiles*
Gosh she is gorgeous. The way her smile lights up her face, her eyes sparkle in the light and her laugh, gosh her laugh is cute. We arrived at the fair and waited in line to get our tickets to go in. When we got to the register Nadia offered to pay but I hesitated. As I pulled out my wallet to pay the lady at the register stopped me.
Lady: You seem like a gentleman. You two make a cute couple
J: Oh no uh-
Lady: Give her a quick peck and I’ll let you go in for free *winks*
J: No we aren’t-
Lady: Be a man! *laughs*
I looked at Nadia who was blushing like crazy.
J: Nadia?
N: Go ahead
I kissed her on the cheek and the lady got very excited, it was actually pretty funny. Nadia was still slightly blushing and so was I. To be honest, I actually didn’t mind kissing her. MORE BELOW

ANYONE WHO'S GOING TO HATE ON KENZIE....AHHHHH YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU!!! like don't you have your own life!?!?let her be. and btw i know y'all are just jealous 💚😅😉

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