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I get a lot of messages from guys asking me how to lose "man boobs." For 99% of you with man boobs, it's nothing more than fat on your chest. We all store fat differently and some people store more on their chest. To get rid of it, you simply need to lose fat. You can't choose where the fat will come off first but as long as you keep dropping fat you will lose them. Working your chest might help a bit if you add some chest muscle but ultimately you're going to need to lose the fat to get rid of them. In the picture on the left, I would say I have at least slight man boobs but just by losing fat, I turned tan on the right! And I also lost the man boobs 😁😁.
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Just got back from Sydney but can't be too sad coz already booked flights to Japan, Kenya and Sri Lanka! πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ @womensbest so lucky you get to come everywhere with me πŸ’πŸΌ

What is a lifestyle coach? Is it the same as a personal trainer? .
You'd be shocked how many people have never heard of a lifestyle coach. It sounded like BS to me before I looked into it and realized that I was essentially coaching people towards a better lifestyle and a better way to reach their goals without actually having the certification. .
As a lifestyle coach, I provide my clients with the drive and guidance they need to reach their goals in fitness and health by incorporating other elements of their lifestyle in with my coaching and helping them find motivation to reach those goals. For example: I have a coaching client that used to hate lifting weights. Most coaches would just tell her that she HAS to lift weights to build muscle and she can't get the body she wants without lifting weights and they would leave it at that. Do it because you have to. End of story. As a lifestyle coach, I took the time to talk to her and understand WHY she hated lifting weights and how we can overcome that hurdle to reach her goal weight. After a 20 minute convo, we realized that she didn't hate lifting weights, but actually hated lifting weights at her specific gym because of all the guys that looked at her. The fix was simple: go at a time when there aren't as many people at the gym. Yes, it really was that simple. .
Without taking the time to speak to her and understand where this supposed hatred stems from, we would have never overcame that hurdle. Hope this answers the question I keep getting about what a lifestyle coach is :) Happy Saturday Unicorns πŸ¦„ YT vid is up on the channel so take a peek and share your thoughts. .

Outfit by @popflex_active + protein shake by @womensbest (banana flavor is life)
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Last year I went through a MAJOR burnout... trying to balance being what I consider a good mom and obsessively working didn't leave much time for ME. I was burning the candle at both ends... more like torching it lol and trying to keep up with all the demands of life and work (including looking like a fitness model 24/7 ) was wearing me down. It took the death of a close family member last sept to set me into a really rough 8 months of what I considered a "depression".
No, I wasn't laying in bed crying like most people think when they think what depression is but I was not myself. AT ALL.
All of a sudden I had zero excitement or motivation for work.
Where as usually words and ideas flow easily, I lost my creativity and had major writers block.
I started loathing fitness.
Started eating like shit.
Started drinking.. first it was a glass or two of wine here or there ... that turned into 4 nights a week.
Started needing excessive sleep and even when I woke up still didn't feel refreshed.
And overall just felt like BLAH.
I wasn't myself at all and I hated it. I knew I had to change something....And I did.
I started taking my workouts outdoors- which I actually enjoy.
Started eating for health instead of to look a certain way.
Made sleep a priority....
Which allowed me to cut down on stimulants.
Started saying no to people and doing what's best for ME.
And made time to do things I enjoy... like longboarding, hiking, travel etc β€’
Little by little I started feeling better and better...fast forward to July and I was myself again. Finally πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ.

I'm sharing this with you as I'm sure there are some of you who have or are going through something similar. Burnout is no joke! If you feel like you're struggling with the same issue it may be time to start doing things differently. It may be time to focus on YOU and your heath instead of some material goal.
Our bodies are amazing. They are designed to be self - regulating and self healing organisms. It's pretty amazing how they bounce back when you give them the proper environment/ nutrients to do so. And NO - You don't need medication! ( continued in first comment )
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The other day I mentioned that the only milk I had was pumpkin milk. Well, here's what it looks like to be basic and seven.

Eating a few pints of this every Fall is now a yearly tradition for me. It's not in my top 3 pumpkin ice creams but it's a very solid flavor. πŸŽ₯ Subscribe to me on YouTube! (Link is in my bio) πŸ’» Find me on Facebook! πŸ“± Follow me Twitter! food #foodexplorer #benandjerrys #benandjerrysicecream #pumpkincheesecake #icecream #pumpkinpie #poweredbyicecream #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #sugar #carbs #nomnom #munchies #forkyeah #instafood #feastagram #iifym #flexibledieting #fit #fitspo #fitfam #iifym #macros #sarasota

Shredded June 2016 to bulking April 2017 it’s cool how your body can go through different phases #shredded #bulking #bodybuilding #fitness #fitspo #transformation #katyhearn #katyhearnfit #khfitfam #macros #iifym #fitnessmodel


Was up early and off to the gym with motivation buuuuuutttttt the gym was closed! Tulane football home game calls for a full close of the gym I guess 😭 I was pretty crushed but I understand Americans ❀️🏈So I almost abandoned my plans cause it's freaking hot in New Orleans and this #canadiangirl can't handle the heat but #goals so I set up a circuit with my bfs weights and crushed 30 minutes of HIIT Going to try for that full body lift tomorrow if they decide to open the gym 🀞🏻#footballseason #stonger #girlswholift #weightlifting #fitfam #cleaneating #macros #iifym #tiugirl #tiucheckin #longdistancelife #traveling #motivation @trainerpaige @toneitup

"Its all in the eyes, I was once told,
A smile isn't genuine, unless the eyes smile too,
words mean nothing, unless the eyes speak them too."
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S&T is here for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you try out our recent added items on our menu. #fitlife #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #fitlifestyle #relievestress #macros #nyceats

Just posting my lunch earlier on from today!
So we got: 270g Chicken and 104g Salmon,
3 slices of Wholemeal Bread,
100g of Green Veggies ANNND
Some cheeky Thai Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers cos yum πŸ˜‹but had a sensible 25g portion, remember for quantity control!

#healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthy #lunch #bodybuilding #food #gym #aesthetics #healthyeating #shredz #gainz #bulking #bulk #gymshark #myprotein #macros #macronutrients πŸ—πŸ₯—

Spending the day with my mom & little brother watching football! He told my mom he wanted to be a pokes fan today 😏 {my mom isn't a fan of my alma mater but he sure is} 😜😍

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