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Daily feature: 2017-02-24
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💧Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
💧Gerard De Nerval
💧Just living is not enough.. One must have sunshine,
💧freedom, and a little flower.
💧Hans Christian Andersen
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Chef J Smith 🍽🍴

Les poils sont présents !
#macro #nature

This is the center of future anemone flower. All the details are handmade of polymer clay (just used wire #33 for stamens and #20 for the stem) 🛠👐🏼 The petals are still on the way 😄 .
Вот такая получилась серединка для анемончика. Вы все правильно догадались 😃 Все детали выполнены вручную из полимерной глины (дополнительно использована проволока #33 для тычинок и #20 для стебля) 🔬 Остались только лепестки 😃 .
#anemone #process #handcraft #handmadeuk #claymaking #workinprogress #finework #smallsculpture #macro #clayflowers #coldporcelain #анемон #заготовки #детали #серединка #тычинки #тонкаяработа #полимернаяглина #холодныйфарфор #цветыизглины

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These beautiful Sapphire Kirinite shastar are available in 2 sizes, Large and Compact.

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About last night! Honored to be recognized at #lexusuptownhonors last night, emceed by the hilarious @therealchrisspencer - By far, the highlight of the night was receiving the award by my former clients and forever friends. @timkstory @themichaelealy and @tikasumpter , your words moved and humbled me more than you could imagine. A special thank you to my frat brother and CEO of Uptown @lennybuptown - #thankyou #blessed #uptown #MACRO


Happy little croton flower 🔅

Twisted hair,
Translate to thought.
Define what's there,
and what we're not.
Suspended in subjectivity,
Learning becomes a habit.
Repetition conspires with ignorance,
To keep the uninformed uninspired,
And virile vivisections in a knot.
As the vasodilators wear off,
Sickening feelings leave you far from thickening plots.
This is the next addition to my photo project called 🔎 #MakeMacros 🔎
This series is an attempt at improvised 'Macro Photography'. I don't own any special equipment that will ease my exploration of macro photography, so I'm relying on a lot of improvisation and visual trickery for this project. I will be experimenting with a few techniques to try and get up-close and personal with my subjects. The main goal of this project is to explore the concept of macro photography, without necessarily having the wherewithal to do so. Think outside the box to come up with some interesting improvised macro photography shots.
If you think you can create your own macro shots, you're most welcome to add your own photos to this project using the hashtag 'MakeMacros'.
I'd love to feature my favourite picks from among them in my gallery at the end of this project. ☺️

I can smell the rain just by looking at this picture.