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Allow your imagination to take over your soul #Mac#macgirls#macme#practicetime#lovethisjob @anita_hughes

Starting from d bottom now am here...... Loving it #macme #makeups @geevtys.makeova

Public service announcement from my secret Santa! Make today ridiculously amazing 'YO! #bestdayeveryday #MACme P.S To my secret Santa, it is driving me crazy that I don't know who you are. Every gift I receive, I just want to squeal in delight, and run and squeeeeeeze you. Can't wait to find out 12/15! Until then I scream from the FB platform, "I have the World's Best Secret Santa!!" Hoping you're a FB friend and you'll see this! ❤️ya and Happy Friday! #THANKYOU

أفضل اضاءة للوجه ( هايلايتر ) عندنا بالسوق ، حقت ماك سوفت اند جنتل 😍
قد كتبت عنها بالبلوق كانت من مفضلات 2016 🙄💕


That's how you draw simple lashes ✔️

Thank u Adam for that inspiring look 😍

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