Tour of Laguna Day 3 Villa Rock Ledge a $35 million dollar mansion and a story to go with it........We decided to get married in Laguna last summer 2014 but due to costly fees we decided to get married in San Clemente on the beach and just stay in Laguna for our honeymoon immediately after. The day we arrived we ate at sapphire grill as recommended by a local shop owner. We met a lady on the patio and began chatting. She loves that we were getting married by ourselves with only a minister and photographer and told us to use a good client of hera empty mansion in Laguna instead. We had the most beautiful and magical time and decided to move as close as we could to Laguna as soon as we could. We are from Missouri and dropped everything looked for jobs and apartments and finally resided in Mission Viejo 3 weeks ago and my hubby works in Laguna!! #dreamsdocometrue photos by @smetonaphoto

First pic of us from our reception shared by my lovely friend Rebecca!

One more teaser from @smetonaphoto! I'm so crazy happy!

My bouquet!!

Last day until I get my wedding band!

Early morning flight! It's finally here on our way to Laguna to get hitched!

Practicing wedding makeup!

Teaser from the wedding!!

Getting ready! I had to redo my hair. Not at all thrilled with the salon I chose down here. But it turned out great in the end!

Moroccan Bachelorette Party!!

My Momma!!

Bachelorette ready last night!

Last photo from the shower. @andreafrommer had this mason jar cutting board made for us and it was so beautiful!!


Me and my love at our bridal shower! Hehe

Kiss Me.

Post @thecolorrun cloud!

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