BIG SIX🗿 #e30 #m30b35 #e30swap

In line for a safety inspection. At lest it’s not a terrible view and I don’t have to fret over passing emissions. #vintage
#bmw #e32 #735i #bmw7 #m30b35 #respectyourelders

🍁Happy Humpday.

Good ol fashion side shot for Sunday.

Front end Friday.

She’s officially collector status 🤙

🍁Some more of that front end action from the 535i.

Swipe for that rear view👌


Love this spot!

📸 @braydenfaganello killin’ it with with photos once again! Hopefully the e34 is clean enough for the collector plates🤞
🍁Stay tuned for the progress✌️
🍁Major build updates coming soon!

E34 is coming along! Hopefully be driving her by next week :)

Thanks so much @braydenfaganello and @faganelloproductions for taking some sweet photos of my car! Check out some more of the shoot here https://faganelloproductions38.pixieset.com/tyler/

Shot from yesterday evening. Go check out @we.are.the.silent for a SICK video edit, don’t forget to follow. Lots more to come of lots of bmws!

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Sunny yesterday, snowy today. What will we have tomorrow Victoria?

Before and after (so far). Added the ACS wing and repainted the trunk and new oem bumper along with it. Also did the exhaust with the same magnaflow 14804 I had in the ‘86, previously. This time around, I decided to add a resonator to quiet it down a bit, was just too loud for a daily driver without it.
Next up: suspension and wheels!
What are you’re favorite wheels on an e34?

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