H.K.H Kronprins Frederik & kronprinsesse Mary på M2 👑 og jeg må bare uden vanlig ironi melde, at det var en pænt stor oplevelse for os M2-folks at få muligheden for at fortælle kronprinseparret m.fl. om kompagniet og vise vores arbejde 🙏🏼😲👑#hkhkronprinsfrederik #hkhkronprinsessemary #m2film #filmbyaarhus @mads_munk_ @loneasgaard @jacobbundsgaard @kennethsvanborg @frederikhguldberg

Kronprinsparret på besøg i Filmbyen idag #royalselfie #kronprinsen50år #m2film

🎙 PRESENTING: Three new headliners for this.conference:

1. Matthieu Lorrain. Head of Creative Innovation at @google ZOO.

2. Mette Søs Lassesen. Market Director at @rambollgroup.

3. Morten Bach Jensen. Group Vice President, @grundfos​.

We have created a special prize for you early birds that wants to save 85€ on your ticket. The deal is still on for 14 more days. Hurry up, and get your ticket now 👉🏽

PRESENTING: Three new headliners for this.nordic conference.
1. Jon Black Andersen. Head of Corporate Branding at @maerskgroup.
2. Per Pedersen, Global Creative Chairman of @grey.

3. Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the @carlsberg Foundation.

This.nordic conference proudly presenting 3 new speakers 💡

1. SKAM specialist - Vilde Schanke Sundet (@vildess)

2. Carla Cammilla Hjort (@carla_cammilla) cofounder of @space10_journal

3. Writer and author Kaspar Colling (@kasparcolling)

Speaking of this. speaker @mr_bingstagram. Here’s his latest work. How to enterpert you ask? Like this:
😳 “Schould i, or schould i not join this.?” .
😏 “Fuck it, let’s do it”

I T ‘ S A W R A P ! I dag har et filmhold indtaget Egehusets tag. M2 Film har på vegne af Randers Tegl skudt materiale til deres kommende reklamekampagne 🎥 📲💻📺 Vi er så spændte på at se resultat👏 #randerstegl #m2film #itsawrap #renovering #nyttag #maiday #egehuset

We introduced our conference/festival/creative-fireball (☄️) a few nights ago in the brand new and stunning surroundings of @madklubben with our beloved partners and good friends from all over. Now, let’s get back to it, we have an entire conference and festival to plan🚀

Beer time. Cheers!! from Lego Friends directors & producer and production team. Also welcome @chrbank03 Christian to M2 Animation Studio 🍻🍻🎉🎉 #m2film #m2animation #bkk

This. is us🥊
Ever wonder who’s behind the screen? Presenting the devoted tag-team, who’s all working nine to nine to make sure everything is in order for September. We can’t wait to take off on this journey of business, music and creative insights with all of YOU 🚀 (🎟 btw - tickets in bio 🎟)

@this.nordic ‘s official teaser is out 🔥🔥🔥The 13th and 14th of September 2018, we’ll once again eliminate the traditional way of thinking and making conferences. Cause this. is here; the biggest Nordic conference of creativity, music and business.
Get your ticket here: @this.nordic

Time has come, and we are taking off into a yet undiscovered universe of creativity, business, and music - this is your chance to get in on the spaceship 🚀
Once again, we are pushing the classic conference format further and beyond, we want YOU to engage, interact and co-create.
With our devoted partners from @m2film @culture_works @filmbyaarhus @martinthim and all of YOU on board, we are now ready to
take THIS to the skies 🚁

👉🏽 They blew everyone away with their world-renowned show "FAUDA" on Netflix, now they are joining: this
🚀🚀🚀 Get insights into how they managed to take the whole world by storm with their nuanced and fair-minded portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can't wait to see what these guys will bring to the stage😳🙌🏼

Some of my favourite frames from a commercial i shot for Lego 🎥
#work #dop #lego #cave #fairytale #dragons #commercial #location #filmmaking #cinematography #cinematographer #vfx #m2film #maanrental

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