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Same person. Just a happier one on the right 😘😋 LEFT: Pre Hormones RIGHT: 18 months on hormones 💕 #womanhood going through the correct puberty is amazing!

Detta är jag o min fru! Hon e min bästa vän, den finaste jag vet. Idag läste jag om oss i tidningen Amelia. Det fick mig o älska henne lite mer. DET o nudlarna hon lagade till mig!
#bröllopsfotografstockholm #bröllopsfotografstadshuset #m2f

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Ok this is super messed up but I just tried that Faceapp thing where it changes your face to old, young, male, female and smile. My husband is like super hot as a girl. Lol. He's got those big blue eyes with long lashes and big lips (naturally) lol hilarious and I'm jealous. #faceapp #sexyhusband #looksbetterthanme #prettyboy #m2f #hot #sojelly #model #haha

Spring Goddess ✨

Sometimes you gotta slick that hair back and show that pretty face mama 💕

PLEASE READ this STORY of my dear beautiful friend SEANA @seanasteele
"I grew up in the South and always felt different. I was constantly bullied for being too feminine. I battled myself inside and had never even heard the word transgender.

It took me a long time to see “me” in the mirror and to feel comfortable in my own skin. Many doctors’ appointments, doses of hormones, and a trip to Thailand later, I found that home within. I made peace with myself and noticed existing in the world around me getting easier.

I stopped hiding too and that allowed me to walk through this life a lot lighter. I was told that once I left Thailand and returned home, I was no longer trans - I was just a woman. I felt this was truth, the only truth. I felt no one should know, but within this mindset was fear and shame - fear of a part of who I am.

I now am proud to be me. I want everyone to just love who they are no matter what. I want you to be free and never fear living your truth. You deserve to be happy and you will find your relationships to be more meaningful and that you will connect with the right people when you truly love yourself, all of you."- Seana #nowrongwaytobeawoman P.S. I am proud to live in the times when people can more comfortably embrace their unique beauty they came to share on this Earth. Yes, we have long way to go to open many more people up to the truth of Love. But we all are on it!!!! Have a loving day Khrystyana---- shot by @fancied @ashleybatz #loveYourLines#freeThenipple#thisgirlcan#askhermore#useyourand#fatkini#womenshould#yesallwomen#facesoffeminism
#bodypositive#teamcurvy#embraceyourcurves#noshame#bodypositivity##ilovemybody#bodylove#bodyacceptance#selfconfidence#bodyimage#curvymodel#bopo#thisbody#bopowarrior#transgender#transgenderwoman#trans#m2f wearing @vaute_nyc

I'm not trying to be an example. I am not trying to be perfect. I am not trying to say I have all the answers. I am not trying to say I'm right. I am just trying - trying to support what I believe in, trying to do some good in this world, still trying to find myself, trying to be strong, overcome stereotypes and transphobia.
I am human, I am me.

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