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I'm so excited that I get to learn from #lysaturkeurst this week. @lysaterkeurst with @repostapp.
So true. So good. So needed.

Thank you @pastorchrishodges for this timely reminder.

Began reading this book and oh my, so many truths and honesty. Some things brought me to tears. Such s good read so far. #uninvitedbook #lysaturkeurst #proverbs31woman @lysaterkeurst

Don't be stuck. #thebestyes #lysaturkeurst

❤️❤️❤️ So needed to read this. Feeling overwhelmed with life. #thebestyes #lysaturkeurst #proverbs31ministries

What is your mind feasting on? #uninvitedbook #lysaturkeurst #proverbs31woman

So much bible truth in this window. It was a stunning sight coming out of the conference yesterday. #lysaturkeurst

God always purposes the gaps.
Read this week’s Catalyst blog featuring @lysaterkeurst “Letting God Fill in the Blanks” and be encouraged that nothing is left unknown to God.
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“When to give grace? I’d rather stand before God knowing I loved others too much than regretting I judged too harshly” - Lysa Terkeurst

Don’t worry...I’m not lounging in the sun, this was taken in the spring when I was in Arizona! ☀️
But I loved this book so much and I think if you are feeling less than, left out, or lonely, you should pick up this book and be reminded how much God loves you. ❤️

To say “yes” to everyone and everything is to not be able to do anything well!
Give your best YES and say no to the things that take away and don’t ad value to you life!
I have learned so much from reading books I thought were silly or for people with “self help problems”
But girl let me share with you!!!!
Personal development “self help” books only make you stronger better and will save your marriage or relationships if you allow them to grow you and change you!!!
We can’t give from a empty cup or one full of bitterness and un-forgiveness....towards ourselves and others! ••
So read up, soak it up and grow into the beautiful person that is waiting to bloom inside of you!😘

So much bible truth in this window. It was a stunning sight coming out of the conference yesterday. #lysaturkeurst

Starting a new #Biblestudy this mornings with a few friends! #cantwait ....
Studying #Proverbs and the #Proverbs31 woman is one of my favorites! There’s always something new to learn! This is my first time doing a @michellelmyers study and I’m excited to do so! #sheworkshisway #crosstrainingcouture ....
The last study we did in our group was #uninvited by #lysaturkeurst — it was fabulous! ....
I’d love to start a list of other great group or personal studies/authors! If you have a favorite leave it in the comments!!

Don't be stuck. #thebestyes #lysaturkeurst

Such a good reminder after a bit of overindulgence this weekend on tacos and queso 🙊 .
What can I say. I reintroduced Dairy and corn and stared the slow slide. I savored every delicious 😋 bite and got back on track yesterday. .
There was no shame. No guilt. No punishing myself with an extra workout to 'burn it off'. Nope. Not living that life anymore ❌
I am human. I am a recovering emotional eater. I will overindulge and then I will take the experience as a way to remind myself why I don't rely on food for comfort anymore. .
As @lysaterkeurst says in this quote. It may reach my tummy and feel good in that moment but it will never fill my soul. .
Learning self love. Resting in loneliness. Feeling the pain. Accepting rejection. These are all things I'm learning slowly to feel not stuff with food. .
I would love to hear your story. Your struggle. Your ways of getting back on the wagon and showing yourself grace 💗🦄🙏 #foodfreedom #whole30

His T R U T H is meant to be so deeply rooted in your heart that you can only keep growing. That's the kind of beautiful and powerful God we have; there may be hardships, trials, and days of brokenness, but did He not come for the broken, the hopeless, the fallen? I encourage you to rise today, fight for the life He's given you, fight against the strongholds of the enemy because there is another truth out there: the enemy wants you dead while you're alive. Don't let it happen. Fight today, breathe new life from the God who so graciously fights for us. #breathe #godsaves #healing #death #love #beauty #propelwomen #lysaturkeurst #joy #life #women #blogger #bloggerstyle #blog #website #livefree #livefully #livefolk #liveauthentic #jesus #writersofinstagram #artgram #artistsoninstagram #bloggers #etsy #darlingmovement #christinecaine

"If we wait for all conditions to be favorable before we sow, we will never reap. In other words, we must give and obey God when it is not convenient and when it is costly if we want to reap our reward." - King Solomon

"Rejection—It may be a delay. It may be a distraction. It may even be a devastation for a season but it is not your final destination. You are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken. You have a story. May it be His Word that becomes the word of this story you absolutely must tell to the glory of God."
Thankful today for seasons and moments of rejection. We must be passionate about the process, not just the project or outcome we want. I'm talkin' soul work 😝😅. Rejection is part of everyone's process. 🤔 #fomoalert ! We are all so much more alike and connected than we tend to realize at times. Rejection is a painstakingly difficult feeling for me to sit in. I hate it. Try doing one thing a day where you are rejected. It's crappy. I always end up wondering why and sometimes enjoy a stinky pity party. BUT, I've found the most growth deep inside when rejected. The yuck, pain, sadness, etc. comes to the surface and we are confronted with our >>response<<. Oh, hello G R O W T H 👋🏼-- you came just as we had pleaded!
How have you recently responded to rejection? How do you respond to rejection? Remember, you're not "set aside" when rejected; at times, we are "set apart" and this most often is for our benefit. We can't always see it then, but let's just [try] to embrace the process and where it's taking us.......

#rejectiontherapy #tirzahstands #optoutdoors #europe #uk #TnLtravel #prague #praguecastle #travel #worldtraveler #onlyonevoidfiller #inittogether #passionintheprocess #lysaturkeurst #uninvitedbook #uninvited #painmakesustronger #rejectedprincesses #yourewelcomehere #uk #eurotrip2017 #travelphotograhy

#uninvited 😢.... sometimes we suppress emotions.... and we don't even notice. . I started reading this book out of curiosity bc id heard so many things about it and ive also followed lysa turkeurst on @proverbs31ministries for years...... but wow. The raw emotions this book is bringing up.... i just want more of Gods love and courage. Sometimes a quiet season a detox season is exactly what the soul needs. #loveis #lysaturkeurst #christianreading #newyorkbestseller #growth

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 46:10 NIV

This morning i was reading a wonderful book (#Uninvited by #lysaturkeurst) where Lysa prompted me to ask myself "Am I trusting God to be God?" I so relate to this Lewis quote because lately I have been wanting the painless route to God's best. I don't want to go through the frustration, hurt, and severed relationships that my living situation has brought about, I don't want people I love to die and definitely not without a real chance to say goodbye, I don't want to wait patiently for marriage when everyone else is having babies and buying houses, I don't want to keep believing lies that keep me from a rich life. I just want God's best NOW without the painful journey. So that leaves me either choosing to trust God to be God, or trying (and failing) to be my own. #CSLewis #quote #truth #pain

What consumes my thinking will be the making or breaking of my identity 💜👏🏻 #lysaturkeurst #uninvitedbook #truth

Digging in his word and studying scripture is life changing! This study is a good one! Jesus has brought me out the dark and into His light and because he did this for me I pray for His wisdom to help me bring others into His marvelous light! He has done so much for me I can't help but share the good word.
With this being said I am making this account my personal and encouragement profile while my other account, @faithandlavender will be our journey through young living. If you are curious in essential oils, health, wellness, abundance maybe even some awesome diy recipes and more head on over to @faithandlavender and follow along 🌿Even if your faith and curiosity is as small as a mustard seed head on over. I would love to get to know you. (my daughter and I both decided on this name so it means a lot to me, one day I'll share why it's called faithandlavender) 😍 I hope your weekend and Mother's Day is a blessed one!

Exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world -Lysa TurKeurst #biblejournal #biblejournaling #lysaturkeurst #whisperswithGod

I am super excited to start this study! Lysa's book was incredible. #univitedstudy #lysaturkeurst #freefromrejection

Thankful for a chilly day to wear layers and furry scarfs in FL ❄️☀️
Busy day of bible study and event meetings for The Word Alive @lysaterkeurst event I'm serving in to be hosted in Orlando late October 🙏💗 .
Ready to grow, learn and give my best effort 🙌 #Wordalive #lysaturkeurst

Ready to shine His light in the world this week 🌟
#biblestudy #lysaturkeurst #shineyourlightthroughme

Diving into #lysaturkeurst new study of #findingiam and learning so much as I walk through "I AM the bread"-John 6:35. -There is grinding of the wheat for the making of the bread. -How are you grinding your wheat today to gain your fill and sustenance from The Lord?

#wordsforthought #grindingthewheat
#iam #truth #provision

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