Help me, it's like the walls are caving in
Sometimes I feel like giving up
No medicine is strong enough
Someone help me
I'm crawling in my skin
Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't
It isn't in my blood
#inmyblood #lyricssaysitall

🎧🎤🎤🎤 I'm reading your note over again
There's not a word that I comprehend
Except when you signed it
"I will love you always and forever" ...I hope you're as happy as you're pretending to be.

#WhenYouSeeIt #dashboardconfessional

Just fight a little longer my friend
It's all worth it in the end
But when you got nobody to turn to
Just hold on, and I'll find you
#illfindyou #lyricssaysitall #realtalk #nevergiveup #havefaith #bepositivealways😊 #everythingwillbeokay #justholdon

Hold on
Hold on to me
'Cause I'm a little unsteady
A little unsteady
#unsteady #lyricssaysitall #realtalk

You and I know what it's like to be kicked down
Forced to fight, but tonight we're alright
So hold up your light, let it shine 'cause
This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
With my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters
#lyricssaysitall #realtalk

And I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, 'cause I need you to see
That you are the reason
You are the reason
#youarethereason #lyricssaysitall

Oh, Atlanta, hear me calling, I'm coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry, there ain't no hurry, 'Cause I'm, on my way back to Georgia... 🎶

#lyricssaysitall #badcompany #staycation #sistertime #rooftop #sushi #cocktails #eatatlanta #skyline #westmidtown #oku


Sa akin mo isabit
Ang pangarap mo
Di kukulangin
Ang ibibigay
Isuko ang kaba
Tuluyan kang bumitaw
Ika'y manalig
Manalig ka
Sinusundo kita
Asahan mo mula ngayon
Pag-ibig ko'y sayo
Asahan mo mula ngayon
Pag-ibig ko'y sayo #sundo #lyricssaysitall

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
'Cause I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
'Cause I ain't giving up on love
No I ain't giving up on us. #timeformiracles #lyricssaysitall #keepfighting #bestrong #nevergiveup #havefaith

When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am proof,
I am who I'm meant to be, This Is Me!✨
Look out cause here I come
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum
I'm not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, This Is Me!👌🌟💖
#TheGreatestShowman #ThisIsMe #LyricsSaysItAll

let me apologize
I'll make up, make up, make up, make up for all those times
Your love, I don't wanna lose
I'm beggin', beggin', beginn', beggin', I'm begging you
Wait, can you turn around, can you turn around?
Just wait, can we work this out, can we work this out?
Just wait, can you call me please? 'Cause I wanna be with you #wait #maroon5 #lyricssaysitall #myjam

Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine
You've ruined my life, by not being mine
You're so gorgeous
I can't say anything to your face
'Cause look at your face
And I'm so furious
At you for making me feel this way
But, what can I say?
You're gorgeous #gorgeous #taylorswift
#lyricssaysitall #myjam

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around
If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down
I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found
#latch #lyricssaysitall

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you
I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again
Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide
#lyricssaysitall #collide

You should be loved
You should be missed by somebody
Kissed by somebody
Loved by somebody, like me
#lyricssaysitall #youshouldbeloved #hunterhayessong

Darlin' I can't explain, where did we lose our way
it's drivin' me insane and I know
I just need one more chance to prove my love to you
If you come back to me I guarantee that I'll never let you go.
can we go back to the days our love was strong.
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong.
Can somebody tell me how you get things back the way it used to be
Oh God give me the reason, I'm down on bended knees
I'll never walk again until you come back to me I'm down on bended knees. #lyricssaysitall #bendedknee

Gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry,
stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me
I want a new life and I want it with you
If you feel the same don't ever let it go.
You gotta believe in the spirit of love
It can heal all things we won't hurt anymore
No, I don't believe our loves terminal.
I'm down on my knees, begging you please come home. #lyricssaysitall #bendedknee

Every single day
I think about how we came all this way
The sleepless nights and the tears you cried
It's never too late to make it right
I'm sorry I'm bad
I'm sorry I'm blue
I'm sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know I can't take it back
I love how you kiss
I love all your sounds
Baby the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry
I'm sorry baby #lyricssaysitall #sorry

Let me hold you for the last time
It's the last chance to feel again
#lyricssaysitall #brokenstrings #realtalk

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