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"To my dear friends - you mean the world to me" Awww

@thisispvris supporting @theamityaffliction last Sunday at Festival Hall, Melbourne. Oh and have a top weekend.

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I feel like I'm completely setting up a platform for discourse but I'm genuinely curious about what you guys think of something? Do you guys believe there are actually more than 2 genders? Trans people are still in the binary. MTF are women and FTM are men, but I mean gender identities like agender, gendefluid and several others, what are you guys' thoughts on this? I am expressing no opinion either way, I am genuinely curious what ya'll think? PLEASE NO HATRED FROM EITHER SIDE!!!! I just want to hear your opinions. I think this topic should be up for discussion. #pvrıs #lynngvnn #alexbabinski #brianmacdonald

I'm getting my first tattoos next year, and I'm so excited. I'm planning on getting a total of 3. One dedicated to PVRIS 💙
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"I don't a metaphor for you to know I'm miserable." ~What's Wrong - PVRIS

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Such a precious bean 👼💘
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Most relateable thing she said ever

First text post about Justin

"To my dear friends - you mean the world to me" Awww


she is so gorgeous 😍

Why is Lynn like this? 😭😂


whatta babe 😍

this is so cool😍

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