Want to learn how to defend yourself properly and get in shape at the same time? Give us a try! Not going to lie, it doesn’t happen overnight but our students live’s have changed here with consistent training. Students have lost tremendous amounts of weight, have learned a healthy lifestyle, have made new friends with common goals and positive attitudes, gained confidence in and out of the Academy and can defend themselves. If this is something you are interested in and want to try, text us at 862 444-8731 and ask about our pre Black Friday deals! #savaresebjj #preblackfeidaysale #bergencountymartialarts #bergencountyjiujitsu #njbjj #njjiujitsu #bjjnj #jiujitsu #jiujitsuinlyndhurst #jiujitsuinnj #lyndhurstbjj #lyndhurstjiujitsu #lyndhurstmartialarts #lyndhurstmartialartsforkids

Today is the 11 yr anniversary of Savarese BJJ. I took a chance, followed my dream and opened up a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. I feel like I am living the dream I dreamed about as a bluebelt, running a SUCCESSFUL BJJ Academy, one that I know will be making a difference in the lives of the people in the room and in our community for years and generations to come. As a white and blue belt, doing something like this seemed like a pipe dream, a goal that seemed almost unattainable. After my severe knee injury, when doctors told me that my athletic days were over and even my family was urging me to give up BJJ so I could walk again w/out pain, the dream seemed completely out of reach. I would like to thank all my students whose role plays an important part in the success of our Academy. I am so proud of the way everyone treats each other and I can honestly say the atmosphere in our Academy is what I am most proud of. Just a group of people who stand by each other every day in pursuit of a bigger picture, leaving their problems and ego at the door and trying to become better martial artists and people w/ each day. Many lessons have been learned during this journey, good and bad and I learned and grew from all of them. I look forward to what the future holds. Thank you to my awesome staff, past and present, for your help and I look forward to the rest of my BJJ journey with all of you! Thank you to my students for your trust and dedication. These 3 pics show our journey from the outside of the Original 900 sq ft Academy at 482 Stuyvesant Ave, to 500 Stuyvesant w/ the poles, to our new 5500 sq ft facility at 40 Park Ave. oss! #savaresebjj #lyndhurstbjj #lovatobjj #njbjj #bjjnj #lyndhurstmartialarts #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #bergencountybjj #bergencountyjiujitsu #lyndhurstmartialarts #lyndhurstmartialartsforkids

Tired of the same old gym routine that isn't netting results? Give us a try. Like this picture says, you will not be alone. You will have instructors that care and you push you to be your best. You will have teammates going through the same thing. You will also have teammates that were where you are now and have bettered themselves to help you. If you train with us 2x a week, your life will be much different in a year. You will be healthier and stronger, mentally and physically, and will be able to defend yourself. You just have to call and walk through our doors, that is the hardest part. Want to change your life? Call us at 201 933-5134 and ask how to get started. It will be the best decision you ever made. www.njbjj.com #bjj #jiujitsu #brazilianjiujitsu #njbjj #njbjjkids #lyndhurstnj #rutherfordnj #northarlingtonnj #kearnynj #bergencountybjj #bergencountymartialarts #lyndhurstmartialarts #lyndhurstmartialartsforkids #lyndhurstjiujitsu #lyndhurstbjj

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