Remember, children are HUMAN BEINGS. Their voice is just as VALID and important as ours.

LAST MINUTE call for donations to be dropped off tomorrow morning and delivered by our students. Please keep in mind that many are without power, so the food, toiletries and donations should reflect those needs.
This is an IMMEDIATE request, as the need is immediate and important. Our community needs our help. Thank you!

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.” -Dr. Montessori

Thinking of all those affected by the storms this evening. We love this community so incredibly much and are anxious to see how we can help in any way.
We will be opening tomorrow morning, regular time.

Ready for lunch?? Our food trucks are ready to serve! Oh and did we mention cake? Yup, got that too. Come on down to the bottom level of Amazement Square beside Depot Grill!

We are open to the public! Come on down to Amazement Square for Handmade shopping and delicious food. Here until 3! $3 cash at the door for our non-profit beneficiary!

Stop by this morning to experience how our students learn! We will have work set out for you to explore and our teachers and administration will be there to give you a “lesson”. This morning is for current families AND the COMMUNITY.

You’re invited!

Everybody’s working for the weekend! 🎶 #friday

Your countertops will absolutely love these beautiful pieces by @labyrinthwoodworks! They will have all of their different stains and wood grains on display for cutting boards and pizza wheels. You’re making plans to come right?

You will never look at pasta the same way again and you’ll have @scratchpasta to thank for that! It’s going down tomorrow. Get your early bird tickets today!

Welcome back @castlewearcreations. If you aren’t running to get these spring and summer fashions we don’t know what to say!

Whether you’re currently enrolled, considering applying or just curious about Montessori, come! Stop by between 9 and 12 tomorrow.
Our environments will be open and available for you to explore while the teachers will be there to answer your questions. Stop by and grab a bagel and some coffee in the morning!

How adorable are these little people (and things) from @peggedbygrace? She’ll be bringing all of the imaginary friends to take play to a new level. For the adults they also make great knick knacks for your desk!

Recycled, sustained and all of those other words we lovers of the environment applaud plus bicycles? We think @bicycletrashdc has a winner!

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