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Last weeks progress pics. feeling pretty good. Tomorrow is 5 weeks out... I still am in disbelief that I actually have amazing will power and I get up at 4am 5 days a week to get all my workouts in. I've turned into a cardio and weight lifting machine... this has been the most challenging thing I've done, much harder than training for a triathlon or 1/2 marathon. Mentally and physically... it's driven me to pray more than ever before and rely on my family and support network that is amazing! I sooooo appreciate all the support and love I've received! I'm so closeeee, looking forward to the stage and a large froyo with all the toppings... 🍦#icecreambody #sweetandsourchicken #allofthetoppings #lymphedema

Sometimes, you just need to put on the bikini and fucking own it!
Thanks @bellaboo573 for your photo skills 😉

#beachbody #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #plussize #plusisequal #fatgirlsdoingthings #lipedema #lymphedema #fuckyourjudgements

Güzel nurcanımız çok güzel bir ameliyat geçirdi belkide dünyada ilk üç seviyeli lenfnodu transferi yapıldı #vascularizedlymphnodetransfer #lymphedema#lenfödem

Today's work outfit: transparent mini skirt... why not?! Definitely had a few weird looks but I'm claiming it as the hottest trend for summer 2017 ☀️🌴🐾💦 #lymphedema #chronicallymotivated #naturalbody #bodypositivity #elevatorselfie

📣Today is WORLD LYMPHOEDEMA DAY 📣 but I bet you didn't know that! And yet, over 240,000 men, women and children in the UK live with this chronic illness - myself included.
Lymphoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues and is developed when the lymphatic system doesn't work properly. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the arms or legs. It frequently leads to infections like cellulitis.
Secondary lymphoedema affects 2 in 10 women with breast cancer, and cancer patients who have lymph nodes removed as part of their treatment have a 50% chance of developing #LE.
There is currently no cure for lymphoedema and managing it is expensive. Patients are often unsupported and left to fend for themselves. So it's time we changed that! ✌🏻I just thought you all should know ✌🏻 #lymphedema #worldlymphedemaday2017 #awareness #medicalresearch

My leg has made a pretty great post holiday recovery so cheers to that 🥂 🙋🏼✌🏻
I have no doubt this was helped by these fantastic boxers I bought my boyfriend for Valentine's Day as a reminder that I'm still waiting on the Frenchie 🙏🏻🤤 and whilst he pushes them to the back of his drawer, I like to flaunt them about to refresh his memory.
I also found taking supplements (magnesium, selenium, vit b-12, turmeric, butcher's broom) and focusing on low impact cardio rather than weights has contributed too.
HAPPY FRIDAY 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 #lymphoedema #lymphedema #lymphaticdrainage #bulldogs

I've been able to slowly and continuously reduce and maintain the interstitial fluid in my affect limb for the past month. I'm not yet able to afford the $5,500 #flexitouch pump system so thankfully diligence is all I've needed. With regular #mld massages via my husband (whom so thoughtfully spent time learning how to perform these massages for me), routine brushing, rigorous exercise 5 days a week (weight training), water therapy, and a clean predominately vegan diet, I can hardly tell a difference anymore. There's not a cure for lymphedema... yet. That being said, with our own positive thinking, meticulous care, and self loving attitudes, we can absolutely maintain it and reap the benefits. #lymphedema #drybrushing

Days like today truly emphasize the reason why I love PT so much. These woman have been a blessing to treat.


Pakketje binnen gehad, kan er weer tegenaan deze zomer.

Lymfoedeem en sporten
Een persoonlijk blog op Facebook over het leven met lymfoedeem en als doel dit jaar de 20km van Parijs
#lymfoedeem #hardlopen #wandelen #zwemmen #doorzetten #lymphedema #mindsetting #movethatlymph #magic #fun

My feet after a plane journey. I couldn't even bend my knees and ruined the first 5 days of my holiday. I dread going on planes now :( #lymphedemaawareness #lymphedema

U have had this since i was a small child ( fitting into those jelly shoes in the 1980s was a struggle and my feet looked like play doh oozing out after an hou, not a good look for a 8 year old ) . I wonder if anyone can help me with advice ? I dont have anything to help me at all.. no stockings.. my doctor has told me for years to get support stockings for both legs, they are just like flight socks and never seem to do anything. He says I'm healthy and keeping active so I shouldn't worry... but that's not good for me some days. . I have been having regular drainage massage but they have just doubled the prices and I can't afford them anymore . I see u all have good support bandages, where are they from? ###lymphedemaawareness #lymphedema

Na 2 dagen festival, vandaag even rust en om de kous heen gezwachteld. Morgen weer verder met de trainingen voor de 20 km van Parijs
#lymfoedeem #hardlopen #wandelen #zwemmen #doorzetten #lymphedema #marathon #mindsetting #movethatlymph #fun

Hurting big time. #sharetheroad grateful for this life and super grateful for this hammock. #lymphedema #trauma wanted to keep playing in the surf however my left side is too pain-filled to do any more than lay down at this point. Grateful for this leg! #sharetheroad #trauma #costarica🇨🇷 first time venturing out into a third world country since the trauma and way anxious to push through anything despite being loaded with antibiotics incase of any infection. So far so good here, just massive pain however the joy and experiences have far surpassed the pain. We have hiking, swimming, and surfing to do! Today looks like reading and writing will be my agenda. #puravida #selflove

After a long day on the boat I noticed my non #lymphedema leg and ankle was really swollen 😭 So does this mean I actually have it in both legs? Today is all about balance: compression, elevation, flexitouch and lots of water! I'm going to test out eating vegan all next week to see if it makes a difference. Wish me luck 😊

Build up the general performance of the lymphatic system #lymphaticdrainage #lymphoidtissue #immunesystem #massage #lymphnodes #lymphedema #tobago

Lymphedema has a butt load of things that complicate daily life... some days clothes really irritate me. But this $7 find was perfection. #butterysoft #nottootight #justright and I made it a #nobraday yay #clearance Total #comfort #lymphedema can suck monkey balls but #todaywasagoodday

Yeah, I have a big foot - but today I got to BE a Bigfoot!! 🙊😂

These feet are on their way to Paris! 👌🛫I'm heading there for a week on a health journey to find some answers to a disease I have called: #lymphedema. It's been a part of my life for 35 years and I've learned to live well with it. In fact it inspired what has become #plantiful my #detoxifying, all natural body care company. Yes, cool, right?! I wanted better skincare for me and others. I couldn't find many years ago, so I decided to make it! These feet have stood at many craft shows, at my beautiful counter in my lab where we make all our products by hand, in fields gathering plants for #wildcrafting ingredients into our products. Thank you for following my journey with PLANTiful so far! It's been amazing and it's going to keep being amazing! #selfcare If you want to follow along my health journey too and learn more about it, my IG account is @nourishedlymph #peaceout #trevel #healthiswealth #organicskincare #greenskincare #mompreneur #yegmade #chronicallymotivated #lymphedema #lymphielife #handmadelife #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #selfcarematters

Young Art festival
Lymfoedeem en sporten
Een persoonlijk blog op Facebook over het leven met lymfoedeem en als doel dit jaar de 20km van Parijs
#lymphedema #lymfoedeem #hardlopen #wandelen #zwemmen #doorzetten #magic #mindsetting #marathon #movethatlymph

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