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but where's the pause button? // #lylamaethompson

Thank you for being the best mom to Lyla. We love you so much! #lylamaethompson

Determined to get the little babe to smile, but she made me work for it! #lylamaethompson #hardtoget #nevergiveup @mollymaethomps

The princess and the pea.
Molly and Chris, I love you both so much. Lyla is a perfect little angel and I miss her already. I feel so honored to have been by your sides the last couple days, watching you both go through it with such grace and such a deep love for each other. That night and morning will forever be one of my most cherished memories. Lyla is so lucky to have you both as parents and the moment I met her, I knew how lucky you two were to have her. A special little lady for two of the most special people I know. I love you both so much. #lylamaethompson #proudauntie 💛

this crew is missing two of my kids and my momma but it was still such a special mother's day getting to celebrate my daughter @mollymaethomps being a momma too!!! it's the best to get to watch her do such an amazing job with lyla babe!! thanks @cmstroud @mollymaethomps @mrmollystroud @lanablakely #lylamaethompson for all the love today and every day!!! happy mother's day to all of you momma's!!!

Happy Birthday to this incredible friend and gem @mollymaethomps Your happiness and joy is infectious, for those that surround you only shine brighter because of your light! I'm so lucky to have you in my life! You are one in a million babes!! And speaking of babes, #lylamaethompson is one lucky girl to have a momma like you! Love you girly 😘😘😘

CONGRATULATIONS to Kind Campaign co-founder @mollymaethomps and her husband @mrmollystroud ! 🎉👶🏽Their baby girl #lylamaethompson was born on Sunday. Send them some love 💞

Lyla missed the memo about Summer and she's over here Spring training. // also, just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who reached out after I posted about my funk and my emotions and all the 🙃 that sometimes slaps us in the face. It was the sweetest and most overwhelming response from all of you and I can't thank y'all enough. Putting it out there felt good, not only because it was such a great release but also because not every moment of life is considered "instagram-worthy" and sometimes it seems weird or fake to share so much good stuff and pretend like there aren't also hard days or dark periods of time or moments of being in funks or days of looking around at a too long to-do list, messy house, crazy life and feel like you must be the only one, right? Because you don't see that side of people all the time. Which is obviously so understandable...we want to share the good things, the pretty bits, the moments where we feel put together... and those are all very real too and so wonderful and so fun to see and share and live vicariously through. But anyways enough rambling, all that say, love y'all you sweet babes! // #lylamaethompson #babysplits #notphased 💪😂💁

Luv these bunz! #happyeaster #lylamaethompson


HAPPY DADA DAY!!!!! // babe, we’d be lost without you. truly. we are the luckiest that you are ours. you love us so fiercely in everything that you do. you are a unicorn who doesn’t need sleep, can withstand hours without complaint in the car back and forth every day so that we live where we live, can make lyla and me laugh and bring such joy to our lives in the midst of the carefree times and also the times where we’re losing our minds, who works so hard with such dedication to bettering yourself and your family. you are the light of our lives and we love you and appreciate you more than you could ever know. Happy Father's Day my babe @mrmollystroud ❤️ // ps. posting a day late is the story of my life. Ahh, get it together mols. 🙄 But really, we should be celebrating all the dada's every day and sappy lovey posts are so fun and special always! // #lylamaethompson #happyfathersday #happydadaday #firstfathersday #ifreakingloveyou // cutie onesie: @lovbugboutique

today marks the day that lyla has been out of the womb for as long as she was in there just cooking away. forty one weeks and three days. it’s all just so surreal. the whole process. thinking about it and realizing that your body is capable of growing another human. that’s her inside there, doing all the things that she needed to do so that she could survive out here. doesn’t that just blow your mind? and make you in awe of God and all that He can do? it does for me. i don’t know, i just can’t wrap my mind around it... she’s literally just chilling inside that bump, just growing little by little and just completely unaware of the world that she’s about to enter into. and now that she’s here i just feel overwhelmed with blessing and joy and responsibility and awe that she’s ours. just so overwhelmed with all the emotions. so much so that sometimes when i think about it too much or for too long, i just cry. and i try really hard to not take a second of any of this for granted. now to press pause because as she's shown me twice now, she can do a lot in forty one weeks and three days and it's all just flying by too fast. // 📷: @samanthamarq #lylamaethompson

this moment. 💛 // we showered my sweet sister-in-love yesterday! this moment when lyla stopped by at the end and gave her little cousin some love and bump kisses just MELTED me and made me even more excited for this little boy to get here! Angie, you are such a radiant mama-to-be and I loved the chance to shower you and your sweet bebe with so much love. More pictures to come from this sweet brunch en blanc bebe shower because it was so special and fun to see everything come together to make for the perfect day to love on and celebrate this sweet bebe. // @bthompso5 #lylamaethompson #brunchenblanc #bebeshower #baby #allwhite #moorparkcountryclub #thismoment ✨👶🏼🥂😘

little bird boo is sicky. // It's so not fun when the babe gets sick. Except she's extra cuddly and cozy and lets me snuggle her like she used to when she was a little freshie. I got really excited about the snuggles yesterday, so I let her fall asleep on me and pretended that she was just my little newbie babe again. And it was AWESOME. Until then I had such a crick in my neck and should've really thought this whole nap together thing through ahead of time and gotten properly comfortable and situated because by the end of it (she had a REALLY solid nap) two hours later my shirt was wet with sweat from her fever and my neck and back and body were stiff from my half laying, half sitting, half comfortable, half awake state. But dang. She's so cuddly cute, I'd do it all over again today. // Also, I've said it before, but I'll say it again and again, for anyone who's littles are in the hospital or nicu, sending big hugs to you. I cannot even imagine how hard that would be. I feel so helpless when she gets sick with a cold or a bug or the flu, so I truly cannot imagine how heartbreaking, stressful, and draining (emotionally and physically) it would be to battle day in and day out. Seriously, wrapping my arms around you and not letting go for an uncomfortable amount of time type of hug. // ✨💛👶🏼🤗 #lylamaethompson
📷: @brandonkiddphoto

lyla blissing. // yesterday was a BIG day!!!! lyla crawled for the first time!!! (i cried). and she went on her first swing!! she loved it. // thanks to Camden and Taylor for showing her the ropes. she finally decided to crawl when she saw Camden and decided she wanted to go play with him. MELT ME. memories for the books all day yesterday and it was all just so dreamy. // @mrmollystroud @laurenbeaney @dorian_beaney #lylamaethompson // check out my story for more cutie photos of the babes 👶🏼

It's Friday!!! That means we get all weekend with Dada!!! That's the best. Lyla looks around for Chris when we walk out of the nursery after I nurse her in the mornings. She totally likes him more. That's why weekends are her favorite. // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson #daddysgirl #ithinkshereallydoeslikehimmore #butforreal // dream photo by dear @brandonkiddphoto (+ @kristin_kidd!)

that afternoon light. ✨ // @j.blackmon @blkmn #lylamaethompson

yesterday was my momma's birthday so we went to Paris to celebrate!!!!! just kidding. but that would've be fun! // Happy Birthday momma!! We love you more than we could ever express. We don't know what we would do without our Gigi/Yaya. Thank you for all that you do for us! // HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tetiastroud!! 🎉🎈🎁 😘 // #lylamaethompson
#lylarippedoffherbow #happybirthday

flashback to celebrating this babes big three ohhhhh. // so happy we got to be in the same place at the same time for some belated birthday love. love you so my little kelbel boo!!! // 😘🍾❤️🎉🎈 @kellikolich #lylamaethompson

boss lady lyla mae. // she sat at the head of the table and ran her first meeting with @ellecomm like a champ. littlest @kindcampaign boo just killing it. // @laurenpaul8 #lylamaethompson

Teething is temporary. Teething is temporary. Teething is temporary. Teething is temporary. Teething is temporary. Teething is temporary. // Some days I just repeat this to myself over and over and over again. IT'S SO IMPORTANT. And so is this photo of Lyla blissing whilst SURROUNDED BY PUPPIES! // #lylamaethompson #teething #teethingistemporary #llyodhair

moms are superheroes. //
I meant to post yesterday & instead the day was filled w/ nursing & exploding diapers & missed naps & running from here to there & by the time we got home I collapsed & totally missed it. But I guess that's appropriate on Mother's Day.
I was super emotional yesterday. Feeling overwhelmed that I get to be her mom. And feeling for those that want to be moms but are struggling to conceive & those that have lost their moms & those that have endured the devastating, unimaginable loss of their own child. Just a whole barrel of emotions. Which I guess is also appropriate because if motherhood is one thing, it’s emotional (at least for me).
It was so surreal that this day included me. She made me a mom. She gave me my first glimpse into the sacrifices my mom’s been making since I was born. Mom, with you as an example, I have big shoes to fill. You are the definition of unconditional love. Thank you for giving us your best every day, for giving up your own wishes to fulfill ours, for showing us the power of kindness & love.
Motherhood is the most spectacular gift. Don't get me wrong, it's a whole lot of work. Like A LOT. But my Meme said something last night that summed it up perfectly. I was thanking her for everything that she does & she said "I got more joy out of it than y'all did!" And isn't that just the craziest, most beautiful thing - a gift that gives to everyone. Everyone feels like THEY are the recipients. 
Motherhood is filled with so many ups & downs, our bodies are on the biggest rollercoaster (physically & emotionally). And I've heard we never get off. So cheers to all the mamas out there! The ones who've been there, done that; the ones who are celebrating their very first mother's day; the ones who's hearts hurt as they mourn or long for children. You are ALL superwomen. And I feel lucky, blessed & so humbled & honored to be among you. 
I loved reading all the Mother's Day posts because they were so full of love & highlight the world’s true superheroes. A big bear hug & fist pump to all the moms out there who put on their invisible capes every day & go around saving the world one snuggle, one carpool, one life lesson at a time.

this crew is missing two of my kids and my momma but it was still such a special mother's day getting to celebrate my daughter @mollymaethomps being a momma too!!! it's the best to get to watch her do such an amazing job with lyla babe!! thanks @cmstroud @mollymaethomps @mrmollystroud @lanablakely #lylamaethompson for all the love today and every day!!! happy mother's day to all of you momma's!!!

Thank you for being the best mom to Lyla. We love you so much! #lylamaethompson

celebrating cinco de mayo + my auntie's birthday by girl talking + twinning // @ashleylindahall #lylamaethompson

the birthday babe!!!!! // happy surprise celebration you little thirty year old! love you more than I could put into words and beyond thankful to have you in my life. From meeting you at Pepperdine, to living together in London, to your help with Chris's proposal in France, to doing life together as newlyweds, to sister honeymooning together in Mexico. All things are better with Jenna!! // LOVE YOU @j.blackmon!! // #lylamaethompson #lylarippedoffherbow #disclaimer #itsnotaboutlylaitsaboutjenna #butineededyalltoknow

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