I’m not crying, you’re crying. // Lyla’s last sleep before she becomes a big sister. 😭😍😳 // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson

I’m sure in a few days I won’t remember what life was like without the babe in my tummy being here, but right now this is what I know. And I treasure this little love and her precious sweet feisty stubborn loving spirit and soul so much and I think I’m gonna be crying a lot (happy and sad tears) over the next few days. Because, hormones. And I don’t know the new normal yet, so trying to soak up every millisecond of this normal that’s about to be forever changed (in the best way, but still will forever be different) so my hormones need to take a minute to say their goodbyes to the present normal of Lyla babe being an only child. // #lylamaethompson #babyboythomps

THESE TWO. 😍 // Instagram: Our baby girls met for the first time and our hearts EXPLODED. Like actual explosions. Could not even handle it. 🧡💥 ➡️ Behind the Scenes: Story woke up from her nap and was fussy figuring out life and what she needed. By the time she was calm, Lyla was ready to tantrum. 😩🤷‍♀️😂
// Instagram is real life (not suggesting that it’s not) and those feelings above are 1000000% true and so real and so felt. But sometimes it’s just a peek into the bigger picture and doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story of what might be going on in someone’s life. Just something to remember and remind ourselves of when we’re scrolling through and seeing everyone’s highlight reel, while dealing with challenges and issues that aren’t necessarily on display all the time on people’s Instagrams. // @laurenpaul8 #lylamaethompson #flashbackfriday #behindthescenes #babybuns 🤗

Our #mancrushmonday {@mrmollystroud} and #mommycrushmonday {@mollymaethomps} duo spotted visiting @JanssMarketpl #lylamaethompson || 📸: @mollymaethomps || Who are your favorite Thousand Oaks area bloggers?

Today is baby boy's due date and today Lyla is 20 months old. So surreal. Processing our family growing has been emotional - so much excitement and also so much unknown for what's to come. I love our little fam so much it hurts. Lyla's our little person, my little buddy who literally goes everywhere with me. I know my love for this little boy will only continue to grow and he’s my little buddy too, but it’s kinda crazy thinking about this chapter of our family of three coming to a close and so thrilling to think about a new chapter beginning. It’s also wild to mentally prep for this second babe. Because in some ways, we've been through this, we know a bit more about what to expect since this isn't our first rodeo. Whereas with Lyla we had no idea what to expect, not even the slightest clue as to everything that was about to happen. What's interesting though is that even though we have been through this before my body's coping mechanism literally wiped my memory of the reality of the freshie newborn stage haha. And also, I know that every baby is different so certain things that we came to learn and know about Lyla as a baby may/may not be what happens with boyfriend and really there's a whole new set of unknowns with this babe, and there's also the Lyla factor and thinking about taking care of her, while also taking care of a newborn and discovering the new ways in which everything will (with time) become our new normal. Phew. That's a lot to wrap my mind around. Anyways, soaking up today and treasuring these precious moments of our little trio. // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson #babyboythomps // so so so thankful to @angelicamariephoto for these treasured memories 💓

ready to ride into the weekend... // #lylamaethompson

“Um guys, did you forget that that’s a baby growing in momma’s belly? I’m pretty sure he’s going to be here...like, really soon. I think you have some work to do in this room you keep referring to as brother’s room.” // She has a point, @mrmollystroud. 😳 // #lylamaethompson #babyboythomps

You guys! Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and comments and advice and support on that post about Lyla and just struggling in general last week - each one seriously meant so much. Truly. I’m so thankful for this community where we can feel connected and supportive of one another while all doing the best we can in our different stages of life to exist and live and work and be and raise up the next generation of loving, kind, ambitious, change makers. Cheers to a new, fresh week and cheers to all getting by day by day wherever we are and however that looks like! 👊🥂✨🤗 // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson #allthekisses

I’m just going to come out & say it - yesterday was HARD. I felt like I was floundering as a parent, as a friend, as a working woman, as a human. Lyla was challenging me at every turn, literally any chance to do the opposite of what I was telling her to do, she took it. Tantrums left & right, for anything & everything & no reason at all. Throwing her food, plate, bowl & cup aggressively down on the floor every meal time. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Is it her 4 teeth coming in? Is it her personality? Is it because she knows something (baby brother) is coming? Is it “terrible twos”? Is it because she wants to communicate & is frustrated? Is it a combo? HALPPPP. Any obedience/discipline tips, tricks & books please share! So many deep breaths. She has been & I know will continue (probably forever in different ways) testing my patience. Like reallllllly testing. But then the next second is doing the cutest, sweetest thing & my heart melts & OBVIOUSLY I love her so freaking much. But also WHAT IS HAPPENING. So many prayers going up for peace & patience & guidance. I think I’m feeling the stress of the struggles of parenting her, combined w/ the stress of everything that I’m trying to get done before boyfriend arrives (which feels like it could be any second or another month 😜), combined w/ the stress of everyday normal work & life & house things... the weight of it all just felt so heavy yesterday. Really thankful for an understanding, patient & caring husband in @mrmollystroud. The second I started hyperventilating-crying when he casually asked “how are you?” on the phone mid-day, he said he would do what he could to be home in an hour. And just that knowledge of knowing I was going to have a partner in crime, someone who was going to take over & give me some time, meant SO MUCH. I’ve said it before & I’ll continue to say it again & again, SO MANY BEAR HUGS, FIST BUMPS & MAD PROPS TO ALL SINGLE PARENTS. Truly, superheroes. Also, I’m so thankful that today is a NEW DAY. It’s amazing what a new day brings. New opportunities, expectations, anticipations, a clean slate. So far (knock on wood) it’s been a 180 from yesterday so praise hands for that. FOR REAL. 🙌 #lylamaethompson

we’ll pay for this later in therapy. // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson #happyeaster #easterbunny #easterbunnyfail 🐰✨🐇😂

Happy Easter!! // @mrmollystroud #lylamaethompson 🙌💛🙏🐣

Never enough kisses. // Yesterday afternoon my mom had some unexpected cancelled plans and mentioned that she would be able to watch lyla babe if we were interested in having a little date night. That idea quickly spiraled into a last minute getaway for the night to celebrate our seven year anniversary. We had been trying to figure out what to do to celebrate, but with everything that’s been going on it kinda felt silly to take time away from the million things we need to do to prep for baby boyfriend’s arrival. But I’m so happy we decided to get away! This is the perfect little test run for Lyla to be at the house without us to prep her for when I’m in the hospital with baby boy. Also, time together (sans babes) is SO IMPORTANT. Even though it’s just for a night, it’s so nice being away just the two of us, reminiscing about our wedding, the last seven years and talking way too much about lyla and boyfriend. So thankful for you @mrmollystroud. Love this little fam of ours more than my heart can handle and love getting this time together before baby boy joins the party!! And thanks @tetiastroud for hanging with Lyla, I know she’s loving her shishi time!! // #lylamaethompson #babyboythomps

throwback thursday all the way back to last week!! ha! seriously though - so much fun and it already seems like forever ago! these beautiful babes are a big huge part of my world!!! lots of laughing and lots of love with this crew!!! come back!!!!! with @mollymaethomps and @mona_lisa7 (not that you ever check it) and #lylamaethompson and @tori.wren!!!

morning kisses for baby. // #lylamaethompson #babyboythomps

THESE TWO // 😍😍😍 // @jacquelinehere @alecavedissian @mrmollystroud my heart!!!!!!! // #lylamaethompson #merrickjamesa

За океаном тоже очень любят Donkey! И есть за что... Она дарит радость 💞
#бэбигут_коляска .
Regrann from @mollymaethomps - on the go. // One thing that @mrmollystroud and I have tried to do since Lyla was born is continue to maintain the same lifestyle that we had pre baby, which was pretty busy and filled with lots of adventure and travel. Even when we're not on the road, we are constantly shooting from one place to another and love being out and about. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous about how a babe would potentially change that or make that more difficult, but it's actually been so fun rising to the challenge that we set for ourselves and working to still do all the things that we love with the added element of Lyla babe being along for the ride! Whether it's been going from one outing to another around town or traveling across the country with me for @kindcampaign tours (girlfriend’s been on over 40 flights already!), Lyla LOVES being out and about and on the road. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she's been so comfy and cozy while being on the road and that’s thanks to @bugaboousa. Now that baby boyfriend is joining our party, I'm so excited about the #BugabooDonkey2 that is making this transition from one to two so seamless! Seriously, SO excited!!! I think I might melt into a puddle the first time I see both of them in that cutie double stroller (OMG 😍😍). Be sure to follow @bugaboousa to see more heart melting moments of cutie babes and bomb.com strollers!! // #lylamaethompson @bugaboousa #BugabooDonkey2 #doublestroller #doublefun #bugabookaliningrad #бугабукалининград #kaliningrad #калининградногти #коляски_калининград #бэбигут

lyla says happy hump day. // i say i reallyyyyy want more than one cup of coffee today. // #lylamaethompson

these kisses. // lyla babe I love you so. you’ll forever be the babe that made me a momma. I won’t even let myself start to think about the magnitude of my love for you and how secretly (or not so secretly) kinda nervous I am about baby boy joining us because our little precious bond just overwhelms my heart and the unknown of how boyfriend will fit in and how you will react and how all of that is going to work is a lot to wrap my mind around. // It’s crazy how aware babes are, from the time they’re little freshies, I totally think they pick up on what’s going on around them, the energy of their parents and try and figure out their place in it all. Every week around here is a whirlwind and every day looks a little different, but this past week has been especially chaotic. It’s been so fascinating to see lyla pick up on everything that’s been going on with me, somehow knowing that things weren’t the way they were supposed to be, but also sensing that change is coming and reallllllly needing me the last few days. The night I got home from the hospital when we were reading books before bed, without saying anything, she lifted up my shirt and was just gently rubbing on my belly and giving baby so much love, as if she knew he (and I) needed it. Which truly in that moment was just what I needed. It’s also been challenging balancing her need for me (and the tantrums that come with that) with my body’s need to recover. Which I think is a precursor and test drive of what’s to come once boyfriend joins us and I’m dealing with all the joys (translation: nightmares) of postpartum body recovery. Ohhhhh boy. For now I’m just going to stare at this cutie little lyla babe open mouth kiss and get as many of these in as possible. // #lylamaethompson #youcansitwithus #openmouthkisses #motherhood #lylasroompremove #currentlynothingisonherwalls
📷: @brandonkiddphoto @kristin_kidd 💛✨😘

These two women have taught me so much about life and love. I am so proud to call them mine and cannot wait to continue our journey together as a family. I am beyond grateful that Lyla has such an incredible role model in her life. Thank you @mollymaethomps for setting such an amazing example of female empowerment to our daughter. I love you both so much!!! #internationalwomensday #tbt #lylamaethompson

#genderrevealfail // Two years ago today we found out that Lyla was a girl. But she made us work for it. I said this then and it's so surreal reading it now that she's here and very much proving it to be true...
We stood with butterflies waiting to pop this balloon. Within moments, we would be showered with pink or blue confetti, revealing the gender of our little one. Well, the Santa Ana's had a different plan. Not only did the balloon not pop, but a gust of wind blew that thing right out of our hands, straight over the roof, never to be seen again. 🎈💨😐 I think it's a sign that this little babe is going to march to the beat of her own drum. I like that. 😍
Like I said, so crazy reading that now that I know her little personality and know that she 10000% marches to the beat of her own drum in the most beautiful way that makes me so proud. Oh Lyla girl, you are so so so loved, more than you’ll ever know or comprehend. // @mrmollystroud #genderrevealfail #balloonchase #lotsofscreaming #alreadychasingthislittleone #lylamaethompson

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