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I’ll take the better beverly marsh!
(this is just my opinion) 🤷‍♂️
dt: simon, zoe & nina <333
[ #omgpage #euphonygrp ]

—my favorite hbic
cc oml.baddiesx | my audio
i love both but issa lane
#euphonygrp #illuminousgrp

the one and only regina george🤤

ac/mine cc/mine
ib & dt fabio
this is ugly sorry🤧
[ #omgpage #illuminousgrp ]

Hi! Someone born today, teached us to live as we want. Someone born today, taught us to always laugh. He is a very valuable person for me. He entered my life when I was younger and taught me how to make friendship. His heart is very clean, free from bad thoughts. So I always wanted to be like him / them.I took all the Teen Wolf cast as an example to me. Teen Wolf changed my life . Thank you Scott. Thank you Tyler . Ohh I almost forgot 😂 Happy Birthday Tyler 🎉 ❤

#TylerPosey @tylerposey58

| my baby boy
→ dedication: @tylerposey58 happy
birthday baby, i love you:)
→ follower count: i. can’t. remember.
→ colouring : mine
→ audio: mine kinda [original is sorcerers
perludesights + feelings by dojo]
. [#omgpage #tylerposey]

lydia martin | ac. me #geminimafiagrp

We all know who is a real legendary Crystal’s character — ac: me (rm of @xmorleys ’ audio)
— cc: @maliexotic
— ib: @fvkmemccall
— dt: @ultrackles
#omgpage #aquilagrp (forgot the wm)

[Derek Hale 😏]

Do you like him?

My edit give credit

« Coyote tip toe? They tip toe! »

What a smol bean!

Ac/ib : dacrimae
Cc obrieniq

Dt @aillxa 💕


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tylerposey58
sorry this is so late

— don't let me down [scrap]
For @hedahennig and @stellasarrow

[#f4f #l4l #gainpost]

most beautiful couple
on this planet💖
(turn brightness and
volume up)
dt @aveangers

• happy birthday @tylerposey58 //king of teen wolf I love you so fucking much•
Ac: @jollyariel
Dt: Tyler
App: vs,ccp

Chaos 2 {Part 163}
► Who did that ? Thoughts ?
► If you haven't been tagged yet and want to be tagged in the next parts, let me know in the comments.
#riverdaleau #teenwolfau #au #crossover #fanfiction #alternativeuniverse #twau #riverdale #teenwolf #auseries #lydiamartin #lydia #martin #alternateuniverse #beaconhills #scottmccall #scott #mccall #maliahale #stilesstilinski #cherylblossom

Missing them😗😍

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