Hey nature yogis. Today's pose is a fun arm balance Astavakrasana or 8 angle pose. Start in dandasana, sitting with the legs straight out in front. Lift the right leg and place the back of the thigh behind the right arm so the back of the knee is close to the shoulder. Ground both hands on the floor next to your hips. Bring the left leg in and cross at the ankles. As you start to lean forward to bring the weight onto the hands extend the joint feet away from the body. Keep straightening the legs as you look forward. Keep a strong connection to your core. Enjoy! Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #30dayyogachallenge #lybnaturelove #balance #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposeoftheday #nature

Hello nature yogis. Today we will be standing on our hands. This is my last day in Southern Italy and I can feel the pizza and pasta as I try to balance in this! Haha - well worth it but I am excited to run our #loveyogabum elemental yoga retreat in Tuscany with Christian next week, #detox in need :). So for this to work you need to use the entirety of the hands, they are your platform. Start from downward dog making sure the hands are in line with the shoulders. Look between your hands and with a strong core either kick up in a pike, tuck, straddle or with one leg. Find your balance slowly drawing both legs towards the sky. Join the mounds of the big toes and keep guiding the feet away from the hands upwards. Be careful not to arch into the lower back. Breathe, enjoy! Like pincha you can practice this pose against something at first to train the arms, shoulders and core. Tag #lybnaturelove for all your poses. Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #nature #love #italy #puglia #yogaposeoftheday #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #balance @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog #yogahealingnature

Hello from amongst the Southern Italian olive trees. Today's pose is forearm stand or pincha mayurasana. To start kneel on the ground with the elbows under the shoulders. Place the hands flat on the ground in line with the elbows. Lift the head and neck away from the floor. Next straighten the legs and walk in with the toes. Focus on pushing the legs towards the buttocks and lifting the buttocks up. Centring yourself from your core lift the right and left legs up. Keep lifting the trunk, pushing the body upwards with strong legs and core. Finding balance breathe here. This pose can be practiced against a wall at first for guidance. Practice consciously and enjoy the challenge. Tag #lybnaturelove for all your poses. Love and light, C xx #yoga #nature #love #loveyogabum #asana #balance #yogagirl #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposeoftheday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello from the sea. We are coming up to the end of our 30 day yoga challenge of poses in nature for #lybnaturelove . Today's pose is one of my favourite and one of the first advanced poses I learnt to practice. Eka pada Kapotasana or one legged king pigeon pose. Start in down dog and bring your left ankle towards the right wrist. Bring your hips towards the ground as you lengthen the right leg back behind you. Keeping both hands on either side of your hips , grounded, work on lowering your hips towards the ground so both legs and the pelvic space are in contact with the earth (hips square facing forward). Lengthen the right leg back and bend at the knee so the right foot comes straight up towards the sky. With a long torso start to come into a back bend bringing the right hand above you to grab the right foot . You can use a strap here tied to your right foot and pull on it to bring the hand and foot closer or in contact Above your head. When you grab the foot keep opening the chest in the backbend moving the sternum towards the sky whilst opening the arm pit space. Either keep the left hand in contact with the earth or come to grab the right foot with the left hand as well. Breathe, enjoy. Practice safely and remember to practice both sides. Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #sea #loveyogabum #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposeoftheday #love #nature #peace @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature yogis. So today's #lybnaturelove yoga pose is slightly funky as it is a combination of two poses cow face pose with eagle arms - gomukasana with Garudasana arms. To start kneel on the floor and extend the right leg behind you and cross it under the left leg sitting on the right heal. Bring the left heal in as close to the right hip as possible. Now open the arms up to the sky and cross the right arm under the left at the elbows and then again at the wrists. Sit and breathe for a while here. Love and light xx C #yoga #yogagirl #yogaposeoftheday #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogahealingnature #love #nature #loveyogabum #yogaeverydamnday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hi nature yogis. So for today we will be practicing one of the most beautiful and beneficial yoga poses there is sirsasana -headstand. This pose is a lot harder than it looks yet when the body is ready for it and it is preformed correctly it can turn your world upside down! A common misconception is that there is a lot of weight on the head, in fact, the opposite it true! There is a strong structure provided by the shoulder girdle and arms to allow little to no weight to be placed on the head allowing a long neck perfectly in line. To start, place your fingers on your temples and guide the fingers straight up till they meet. Where your fingers meet should be about mid way between the centre of your head and forehead and is where your head will contact with the earth. Now sit on your knees and place your elbows under your shoulders. Interlace the fingers in front of you relaxing the baby finger in so as to allow both wrist to press strongly into the earth. Your support structure starts from the elbows, forearms, wrists and outside of the hands remaining steady. Place the head to the ground enveloped by the hands which haven't moved. straighten the legs coming onto the toes. Keep a nice steady structure by lifting the shoulders away from the ears. Walk the feet as close to the face as possible until the spine is straight. Keeping your steady structure and neck nice and long lift the legs towards the sky either by tucking the feet in towards the buttocks or straddling them out to the side. Keep a strong connection to your core as you lift the legs. Do not try and jump your legs up if you cannot lift them. Join the big toes and lengthen the feet towards the sky. Breathe and enjoy. Practice safely. Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #nature #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #loveyogabum #balance #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposeoftheday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature yogis. Today we will be practicing malasana with a spinal twist which is the preparation for pasasana - noose pose. Stand with both feet together and lower into a squat. Keeping both feet in contact with the ground bring the knees tight together. Bring the hands together in prayer on the chest. Take an inhale and as you exhale twist from the base of the spine bringing the right elbow to the outside of the left knee. Keep twisting the entire spine around and turn the head to look behind you. Preform on both sides. Tag #lybnaturelove for all your pictures. Love and light, C xx #yoga #nature #lybnaturelove #loveyogabum #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #love #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposeoftheday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature yogis. For today's #lybnaturelove pose we will be practicing fish pose - Matsyasana. To practice lie down flat on your back . Join the feet and big toes together lengthening the legs away from the midline of the body. Place your hands face down under your buttocks. Inhale and lift the chest up towards the sky as you bring the elbows under the body for support. Open the clavicular space as you guide the sternum upwards. Lengthen the neck back to look behind you. Breathe. Remember to tag #lybnaturelove for all your poses:) Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #nature #love #loveyogabum #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature yogis. So today's pose is a step up from yesterday's Natarajasana and takes a lot of preparation to gain the strength and flexibility. Full pigeon pose - Kapotasana. We are going to start with ustrasana - camel pose to prepare. Start on bent knees with both knees just under hip width distance apart and the heels in line with the knees. Tuck your toes under to raise your heels up. Place the hands on top of the lower spine and start to open the chest towards the sky with the chin on the chest. Continue to open the chest as you bend in the upper spine. Start to bring the backbend into the middle and lower spine and if you can grab the heels with the hands do so. From here, if you are comfortable untuck the toes and lengthen the neck back looking behind you bringing the back bend into the cervical region of the spine. This is ustrasana - camel pose. ~ ~ Only continue on to Kapotasana if you are confident with your backbends and well warmed up. To move into the pose stay on the knees but keep the toes untucked. Place the hands in prayer position on the chest. Inhale and as you exhale lengthen the arms back over your head as you bend into the upper, middle and then lower back. Bring the hands to the floor and if possible walk them towards the feet to grab hold. If you have grabbed the feet work on bringing the elbows towards the ground to bring the hands onto the heels. Practice safely with this one and take it step by step . Always lay in child's pose after you have executed the pose. Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #lybnaturelove #loveyogabum #nature #love #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #flexibility #stretch @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Harvest time is wonderful I love it- reap what you sow and all that! Loving this time of year and seeing the seasons change out and about walking Wolfe #getoutdoors #lybnaturelove @loveyogabum

#lybnaturelove #30dayyogachallenge is KICKIN MY BUUUUT!!

Hello nature yogis. I had a little Internet detox yesterday after discovering the passing of my beloved teacher BKS Iyengar, spending the day peacefully thinking of him and everything he has brought not only to my yoga but to my life. I am forever grateful to have had the immense pleasure of meeting him and his smile will remain warm within my heart. This pose is one of my favourites and I dedicate it to him - Natarajasana - Lord of the Dance Pose. ~ ~ Standing on both feet ground yourself through the standing left leg. Lift the right heel to the buttock and grab the inside of the right ankle with the right hand. Keeping the hips in line facing forward and chest upright start to lift the right heel away from the buttock and up towards the sky. As you pull the right leg away simultaneously lift the left arm up towards the sky. Remain here and breathe finding balance. ~ ~ For full dancers pose grasp the toe of the right leg with the right arm overhead. Grab the little toe with the left arm. Keeping the heart space open and chest upright breathe. Enjoy and practice safely . Love and light , C xx #yoga #bksiyengar #iyengar #dancer #nature #love #lybnaturelove #yogachallenge @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Today's pose for the #lybnaturelove #yogachallenge is urdhva dhanurasana - wheel pose. Start with the heels by the sit bones, knees bent and both feet flat on the ground. Place the hands next to the ears flat on the floor above the shoulders. Press into the hands and lift the hips towards the sky. If you find it difficult to lift into wheel, gently lift onto the crown of the head then push into the hands to lift the body higher. Keep pressing into the hands opening the arm pits and shoulders . Guide the sternum toward the sky along with the hips. If you are comfortable here you can walk your hand down to your forearms placing the weight of the body into the forearms whilst opening the armpits. Keep lifting the hips upwards. Practice the pose you are ready for . Practice safely . Love and light, C xx #yoga #nature #30dayyogachallenge #loveyogabum #yogaeverydamnday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Today's pose for the #lybnaturelove #yogachallenge is supta virasana. This pose is fantastic for neutralising the spine after any backbends. Start by kneeling on the ground. Place the head to the ground and lift the sacrum up towards the sky as you pull the fleshy parts of the calves away from the midline. Sit back down this time in between your heals with the knees together. This in itself can be quite difficult and hard on the knees so be gentle. If there is too much pressure in and around the knees place a blanket or bolster under the sit bones for support. Stay here with a straight spine and work on opening the hips and knees. If you feel you can take it further, and your sit bones are comfortably on the ground already, bring yourself back slowly first placing the weight on both forearms and then working your way down to lay the back on the floor. In the final pose extend the arms over the head and allow them to stretch the top half of the body away from the bottom half. Breathe. Practice safely and always remember to warm up. Love and light C xx #yoga #yogagirl #30dayyogachallenge #love #nature #loveyogabum #summer #yogaeverydamnday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature yogis! I hope you had a good restful Sunday. For this week of our #lybnaturelove we will bring the focus onto backbends. Today's pose, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana - Upward facing dog, is a fantastic heart opener and preparation for more advanced backbends. To come into the pose lay on your belly and place the hands on the ground in line with your shoulders. Push up from the ground to straighten the arms as you bring the chest forward. Press from the tips of the feet to lift the knees off the ground. Keep bringing the chest forward through the arms to create an arch in the spine. Look up towards the sky and breathe. Love and light, C xx tag #lybnaturelove in all your pictures. #yoga #yogagirl #sunset #nature #love #loveyogabum #yogachallenge #30dayyogachallenge #sea #summer #yogaeverydamnday @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

Hello nature lovers. Today's pose for the #lybnaturelove #yogachallenge is bakasana - crow pose. This is our first arm balance of the challenge and you will want some good warm up before you try it out (sun salutations are great). When you come to do the pose spread both hands wide and place them shoulder distance under the shoulders. Come up onto the tip toes of the feet and bring the hips towards the sky as you bring the knees in towards the arm pits. Place each knee on the tops of the arms and lift one foot at a time. This pose is really about the correct stacking of the body. Core strength is required but balance is necessary. Practice safely and enjoy ! Love and light, C xx #yoga #yogagirl #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #balance #love #nature @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog #30dayyogachallenge

Hey nature lovers. #lybnaturelove pose of the day - pachimottanasana - seated forward bend. Sit straight and remove the fleshy part under the sit bones. Extend the hips forward bringing the hip bones towards the tops of the thighs, the abdomen towards the centre of the thighs, the sternum towards the knees and head towards the shin bones . Grab the backs of the feet with the hands opening the elbows out to the side. Keep the legs nice and strong continuously bringing the toes back towards the body . Practice peacefully. Love and light, C xx tag #lybnaturelove for all poses. #yoga #yogagirl #yogachallenge #love #nature #loveyogabum #stretch #yogaeverydamnday #yogahealingnature @loveyogabum @wetravelandblog

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