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Yesterday ❤ quality time wit the fam. #LVYM #Family #BNP

#FireworksFellowship starting today til July 4th! Stop by anytime for fireworks and bonding ;) #LVYM

LVYM we did it again! #seasonsoflove #latepost

#parejas #amoramor #lvym 👫👫❤️💋

Because 23 is no coincidence.
I am your sister in Christ, Alyssa Gozun Tiongson, very blessed and fortunate to have represented the Las Vegas Chapter in this year's Ms. BNP Pageant 2016 and also to have graduated the BNP Retreat Class exactly 11 years ago that same day - April 23rd.

So very thankful to my family and friends for staying by my side and in my heart always. Thank you to my Las Vegas Chapter and those all over the world for helping each other support this mission through our unity.

#MsBNP2016 #LasVegasChapter #LVYM #ItsASign #ilyfamily

Still can't seem to put into words what went down on that stage that night - four weeks ago today. It was in this very moment where I learned what it truly meant to "Trust, let go, and let God" because "Saying 'yes' wasn't about perfect performance, but perfect surrender to the Lord." So thankful to have shared in this beautiful moment with you all - that it was indeed His light and love and His Mama's grace and beauty we had witnessed. I can't thank you all enough for your encouragement, support, and love throughout this pageant journey and for continuing to share the many graces that overflowed our hearts that night.

A special "thank you" to the talented person behind these beautiful lyrics to the song that 'til this day gives me permanent goosebumps. Thank you @morganhnichols @itsmorganlife for sharing the graces through your life stories. You have forever inspired me to tell my own story and to praise Him each new Morning, because now I know that all is well with my soul ♡ #MsBNP2016 #LVYM #ItsASign #AllForHim #AllForLove #StayInspired #ilyfamily #storytellerspam

Share in the graces of His story through my story at Necklyss Season's first blog post: www.NecklyssSeason.com/sharings

YOU'RE INVITED for a special night with this year's Season 5 Las Vegas contestants! All proceeds will be kindly donated towards a worldwide effort of a major church building project. As always, thank you for your thoughts, kindness, and support ♡

See you this Wednesday, September 14th at 8pm for our VOICE 5 CONCERT TOUR - message me for details and RSVP's :) #AllForLove #AllForHim #StayInspired #LVYM


YOU'RE INVITED for fireworks and fellowship! #lvym

#FireworksFellowship starting today til July 4th! Stop by anytime for fireworks and bonding ;) #LVYM

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