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Over the past couple days I've had the amazing opportunity to travel to Costa Rica on a mission to renovate and beautify a skatepark in the underprivileged community of San Jose, with help from some of the most passionate and interesting people I've ever met. This trip has been beyond inspiring and wanted to give a huge thanks to @redbull @wejourney @divertcity & everyone else behind the scenes. Much Love! Pura Vida!#LuZoSkatePark #TravelWithPurpose

Un poco de skateboarding❤️ estos días.
Al suave 🙌🏻
#skateisfun #luzoskatepark @divertcity


Never give up. Skate is life. Disfrutando un poco antes de la sesion fotografica del campeonato nacional de balanceboard. #luzoskatepark #tikisiabalanceboard 📷 David Bermudez

When you get videos sent to you with kids gathering around in the skatepark you and your crew built, you get all the FEELS. Sending all my love to the kids of San Rafael Extremo and everyone supporting the Luzo Skatepark. Keep the love going! #luzo #luzoskatepark #sanrafael #impact #actionsports #skateboard #journey #ayi #divercity #costarica @kmarielmnop @sk8marie

What could that red t-shirt guy on the corner remind ?😅😅 @sector9 @wejourney @divertcity @leandre.sanders
#luzoskatepark #longboard #skate #skateboard #longboarding

New trick right on the oven💪💪 Linea completa esta noche en transmisión en vivo 💀💀👑👑

Balanceboarding ⚠️.

Foto por @kolosolis 📸
#costarica #sabor_tiquicia #dropmediacr #Solotiro #redbull #luzoskatepark National 😊Champion🇨🇷

One of the most memorable moments of my life... This is right after we handed the memorial sign to the father of "Luzo." Luzo was a community leader who was shot and killed taking local youth on a skate session around San Jose... It was always Luzo's dream to have a safe place for the kids to skate. We were fortunate enough to show up in this community at the right time and provide that very skate park! Right after handing him the sign, we began a chant "Luzo vive por todos!!" It means, "Luzo lives forever!" I can't wait to do another trip like this one, and continue to build our flagship DIVERTcity here in LA... We will not stop until we have transformed as many communities around the world as we possibly can through the powerful medium of Action Sports.
#luzoskatepark #AYI.
@sk8marie with the legendary sign design

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