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No dia Mundial da Criança veste-te a rigor....
Afinal tu é que mandas😀
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Switzerland 🇨🇭🇨🇭

Up until this trip, I had only had one truly Zen moment in my life. It was my first trip to Hawaii as I sat in the shallow waters with my drink inside a fresh pineapple. The temperature was perfect in both the air and water and I was fortunate enough to have been able to travel there for work and turn part of it into a vacation. At that moment, I felt that everything I had done was working out exactly as it should. Though I’ve had more moments of confirmation since then, the time in Lucerne was my second moment of such peace and happiness. The life of a freelance artist can be quite uncertain as jobs come in highs and lows, but trips like this, where I am able to both work and play, make my chosen careers worth it all. 💗

루가노에서 쇼핑도 하고 돈까스와 리조토로 점심도 먹고 ‥ 루체른에
도착하니 제법 많은 비가 내려요 😌
카펠교의 야경에 끌려 나가보았는데
분위기 있네요 ~ㅎ

#Luzernerhof hotel
#lugano #거리카페 #kapell
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