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It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want for the holidays!

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I was a broke single Mom hustling my way thru college when photography found me. ⠀

A borrowed, broken camera in hand, I’d visit abandoned houses with a model and legit pretend to be shooting for Vogue. With pretty laughable results tbh. But it was FUN and I was hooked right away.⠀

MANY people told me not to pursue this career choice. “It’s not practical”, they’d say. And they were right. There is no blueprint to follow and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. ⠀

But that’s the thing about dreams...they aren’t based in practicalities. They’re birthed from the ether, gifted to us, and then...it’s up to us to nurture them. To listen to the heart tug that says: THIS.

Photo Cred | Beauty: @amandamccarthybeauty | Model: @jennieross_ @maggieagency

Do you love your life?
What do you love about your life the most?
That I can constantly reinvent myself.
That I can turn every morning into a new beginning, to a fresh new start.
Soon, in October, I will have a birthday. Yay 😀 I am a Libra girl 👑
Big and exciting changes are coming into my life ... and I am getting ready.
Going from brunette to blonde 🤔 is part of the change.
Well, what you see is not the final version. I call it work in process 😂 because I will go even lighter ... and maybe shorter ... then I let it grow again 😊
I like to play with my hair. It adds to my freedom loving spirit.
By the way, talking freedom, have you checked out the courses I’ve been using to set myself free from “9-5” rat race? (purposefully I put 9-5 into brackets because it used to be 12-14 hours daily 😳)
Anyways, there is a link in my bio, if seriously interested!

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