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For a close up of the grain in these beautiful 39" wide Canadian Black Walnut slabs visit & follow my new account for all things logging & sawmill related.


#toolfight of a different sort. This has nothing to do with power or speed. I started on a wormdrive from @skilsawstaytrue as soon as I could lift it. I still remember how heavy it was when I was a small boy. I can cut just fine with a right blade sidewinder but it's not a natural fit for me. The @dewalttough flexvolt Saw has really helped me to warm up to the right blade format but it will never be my preferred configuration. Here is one significant advantage that the rear handle Saw from @makitatools has over the sidewinders. It has a similar layout to the wormdrive and hypoid gear saws. This is one reason why I like it so much. What do you think? Thanks @aokpower for the best deals and super fast shipping!!

Modelo: @nggueira

Winding River Coffee Table fly-over!

Showing the 'on the fly' adjustable and highly effective dust collection of my new RAS115. This tool uses sand paper and has the ability to remove large amounts of material very quickly - similar to some grinding wheels I have. I was very surprised. Again - A huge thank you to Bill Scheel @bill_scheel at Festool for sending me this RAS115.04 sander. Thank you Bill and thank you Festool, I really appreciate the support! #festool #festoolfan #festoolusa #festoolcanada #festoolme #woodwork #woodworking #wood #carve #calgarywoodworking #woodporn #woodreview #woodtools #leevalley #lumber #yyc #garawood #carpenter #carpentry #woodcarving @festoolshop.ca @festool @festool_club #grinder #shape

The Great Lumberyard Census
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As a part of an upcoming article for @popularwoodworking, I'm attempting to collect and curate a selective, well-sourced directory of fine lumberyards. I'd like to source at least part of this list from woodworkers, who know their local resources much better than a google query or a simple directory.

This is a resource I'm building with the intention of sharing- I want everyone, across the country (Canada, you too!) to be able to use the list as a resource.

So I've created a form, the link to which is in my bio. Some qualities that would qualify a lumberyard: •
- Exceptionally broad or well maintained selection (50 species of woods from around the country or the world, or exceptionally straight, well-sawn lumber that is properly graded.) •
- Rare, locally sourced or exotic woods (not just wenge and purpleheart- something out of the ordinary, like Madrone, Live Oak, Masur Birch or Pink Ivory) •
- Dedicated or well-versed staff of woodworkers and sawyers. •
- Large slab or live edge inventory, geared towards woodworkers (not $10,000 slabs pre-finished aimed at interior designers- real, rough cut or flitch sawn lumber at woodworker prices). •
For every (usable, helpful) entry, you will be entered into the drawing for a small, carefully selected box of quality, hard to find woods from my shop. This will include Lilac, Pink Ivory, Snakewood, Lignum Vitae, and more exceptional woods, small pieces that would be great for inlay, accent and small work.
You can enter more than once- but please make each entry count. I don't want to see Home Depot or a contractor supply yard in the list. I will be going through each location before the drawing is done! Also, please only nominate lumberyards you have visited. I'm looking for your local lumberyard, where you go to get the best wood in your neck of the woods.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your help. I believe this will make a great resource for all of us!

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Would you want a sliding door like this in your home? 🚪
We love this unique design from @cameroncustomhomes


Hit the jackpot again today! We've collected 20 large pieces of amazonian driftwood in Suriname, South America. As you can see, nature gives us all we need. The world is at her prettiest where nature is pure and raw. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes material. #designbynudu #designforabetterworld #lumber #driftwood #driftwoodart #nudu #woodart #woodworking #rawmaterials #suriname #southamerica #amsterdam #paris #sustainable #lovemyjob #rotterdam #nature #pure

Few things in the world are cooler than 8/4 #walnut #chunky #lumber

A stack of Ipe & Garapa Gold Decking from Iron Woods. Grooved and non-grooved options in-stock.

Iron Woods has its own team of graders in Brazil that inspects all of the boards before they are shipped to us here in the U.S., ensuring that all of the boards are indeed Ipe or Garapa, and have been milled to their exact standards.

If you'd like to learn more about Iron Woods including best installation practices to ensure you remain profitable on your next install, join us this week for our LIVE Demo Days. Visit kuikenbrothers.com/demodays for the complete schedule of events.

More patters from the lumberyard.

I couldn't resist saving a couple of 8 foot long by 20 inch #maple #logs to #mill into #lumber for my #workbench . I will need to be patient and dry the lumber.

Partiu aeroporto! E mais uma vez chegou a hora do: Primeira classe, classe executiva, clientes rubi, clientes safira, clientes diamante, clientes gold, clientes silver, idosos, deficientes, mulheres com criança de colo, zona 1, zona 2, zona 3, zona 4, zona 5, zona 6, zona 7, baratas, percevejos... e finalmente: Regis. 😎👌

Took a trip to Frank Miller Lumber in Union City to get my lumber for my #furnituredesign project #herronschoolofartanddesign #wood #lumber #maple with @lslightom

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