I seriously know about 87 people who need these. . . bad.
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Sulphur Mountain was a trek and a half that gave us those extreme post workout endorphins, runners high, conquer the world kinda feels 😅
Sulphur was 5.5km to the top, elevation gain of 2440 ft (total 7640 ft above sea level), was snowy and slippery throughout and took 1:45 mins to the summit and MAN was it worth it!!! 😍

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What can make you happy on a dreary rainy NYC day? A great workout and knowing that it’s manicure today! I’m going for a spring color bringing on all the Spring 🌸 ☀️ vibes!
Monday starts the next round of 80 day. Who’s in? Drop an emoji below for deets.

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I can’t express how grateful I am for this practice. For the opportunity to enhance my own practice and someday guide people on their journey as well. Forever I’ve been deep in back bends. And forever I’ve thought I’m doing it correctly since no one has said anything to me. THANK YOU TT!!!!! @saucyyogini explained to me that someone with a bendy spine can be intimidating to offer adjustments on..so there you have it. At least 4 years of studio practice and not. a. peep. It had never felt quite right to me, I wanted more and couldn’t find it. You guys, the teacher training us, she has a voice that makes you want to drive yourself further. Put in every last drop of effort and SUCCEED!! The students I’m studying with, all supportive, humorous, loving, thoughtful, creative..I could keep going. My point to this all is that when I reached that new depth, and shouted “wow”, that came from my heart. It literally came from my ♥️ my eyes flooded with tears, my throat lumped up and my mind empty. What the hell just happened. A breakthrough. Not just a physical breakthrough, but mental. I let go of a part of me that’s been weighing me down. And it was heavy! I sobbed and sobbed..and then a classmate came to me, she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. She let me know I was feeling these emotions for a reason. It didn’t come to me immediately in the asana. The light turned on when my classmate reminded me that not only is this a heart opener, but it is a deep stretch for the hip flexors. Both places we hold heavy emotions. I let my pride go and cried. I cried until I suddenly felt relief. Like a sliver finally being removed. A manageable pain, but once it’s gone you never knew it could feel that much better. I’m sharing this personal experience because it goes to show how deeply this practice can change your life. I love each and every one of you and am grateful to have had that experience with your support ♥️ #surrendertolove #thankyouthankyouthankyou #saucyyoga

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Splash in the sunshine ☀️💦
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literally had NO desire to hike today...like none😑 but of course @pizzawine convinced me and promised it would just be a “TWENTY MINUTE HIKE”... fast forward to two hours later we find ourselves dancing up the hill blasting @avicii 💃🏻🤣... couldn’t have asked for a better morning or start to the week 🙌🏻😆🌵

Amount of food I had today would required 4 times 6 miles but this is better than nothing ..

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