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Do you know someone who works out like this? #BackWeek ! 💪This week we will be covering the importance of core and scapular stabilization during pulling exercises and demonstrating how to isolate the mid back and eliminate motion🔓 through the spine during motions like a TRX/Ring Row, Bent-Over Dumbbell Row, Barbell Bent-Over Row/Pendlay Row, and a Pull-up. .
For some reason🤔, we see people in every gym setting who claim to be isolating their shoulder during an exercise, but are flailing around like I am in this video. This spinal motion and the use of your body momentum not only negates the effectiveness of the pulling motion for back/shoulder strength building, but it can aggravate any lower back or spinal issues that you currently have. If you don’t have any back issues, you may be contributing to future injuries with this kind of spastic pulling!😳
People often initiate a pulling motion using the arm first and then the shoulder blades… it’s time to reverse that order! 🔜Tomorrow we will cover an exercise that will teach you to isolate the blades down and back before pulling with the arms and it will also prevent you from extending the lower back.
-💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
🌟🔥Got back pain? We’ve been there! Click the link in our bio or go to moveu.com/webinar to sign up for the free webinars this week. Learn about the MoveU Method. Get back to an awesome and active life! Or don’t…🔥🌟
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*cue lion king music* with this cover pic😂 thankfully my parents dog is a good sport and wants to help out with ab work🐶 Give this circuit a go the next time you've gotta work that core👊🏽 Do this for 3 rounds! 15 Hand Walk Hip Twists, 15 Leg Lifts, and 15 Weighted Sit ups💦 Tag a friend(or your dog) to try this with😜 ✨outfit: @ledbetter_inc ✨song: "prom night"- @chancetherapper 🎧 #workoutvideo #puppylove #chancetherapper

quads & gluuuutes & no scrubs🦄🤘🏼✨ i'm always looking for leg/glute alternatives and these cable belt squats felt pretty nice if I do say so! give them a try and tell me if you're feelin them too!
🏝🐙starting my #springbreak today and am sooooo ready to make the most of my more open schedule & record some bomb content! comment below if you're traveling over break & some YouTube suggests! ⬇️🎉⛱

✨ Bending so I don't break ✨

Morning lighthouse walks... ✌🏼 Wearing @lululemonausnz #thesweatlife x

How true is this? "When in doubt, train biceps."
A typical scenario in any gym, you'll tend to see beginners around the mirrors, doing endless amounts of curls.
It's no surprise, because the biceps should be easy to train right?
Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just getting the weight from point A to point B.
Most people tend to perform bicep curls with poor form, and they don't even realise it!
Some of the most common mistakes ❌ include:
❌ Lifting with momentum/swaying body
❌ Bending at the lower back
❌ Not controlling the movement
❌ Leaning too backwards or too forward
❌ Elbows too far apart from body
Instead, try this ✅!
✅ Stand tall and strong
✅ Bend at the knees, not back
✅ Control the movement, pause at the top
✅ Keep elbows close to body
The biceps have ✌🏻 primary functions & ✌🏻️ heads - short/inner & long/outer
• Bending at the elbows upwards to your upper arm
•Turning the forearm until palm is facing up
To ensure that I target both functions of the biceps, I tend to prefer doing Supinating Dumbbell Curls (as shown 🎥).
A few key🔑points is that I:

1️⃣ Turn (supinate) my palms upwards WHILE I'm curling up
👉🏻 Maximise bicep recruitment INCLUDING the brachialis AKA "middle part of your arm"

2️⃣ Twisting my pinky towards my body & upwards
👉🏻 Maximise contraction of bicep short head (inner part)

3️⃣ Raising my elbows up
👉🏻 Maximise contraction of bicep long head (outer part)
Like if this has helped you! And tag someone who may benefit from this 💪🏻😊


Too cold to care.. Teaching this next one in my matching retro ensemble circa 1990... There are lulus buried underneath the layers tho.. Always in my lulus.. #heat #cold #whereisspring #warmupgear #roots #lululemon #trainerlife #itsfreezinginhere #oldschool #matchingsweats

first picture is someday in 2015 and the other is 2017! I know it is not a big progress but i always say slow progress is better than no progress... when i first started lifting i only trained legs, just legs and cardio... 😂🙌🏼once a week upper body but not with deadlifts or any heavy lifting just "girl stuff" ! But now i love training back, arms, shoulders, chest and all that upper body stuff 😍🙌🏼 i love to have a nice back and i love the progress 🙈 SOO WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY? YES, Back and Bizeps 😏💪🏽 #needtodietsoyoucouldseemuscles 😂🙌🏼

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Took yesterday completely off. My body needed it- though it was not planned. Sunday my hamstring got REAL mad. Worst it's been in months. The Sunday afternoon I ended up with a sick kiddo. So "slept& #34; in MOM MODE hearing ever little sound and on alert in case I needed to jump out of bed and run across the house. Luckily that didn't happen but still not a restful sleep. So Monday became and unplanned rest day and I'm glad I made that choice. Sometimes when I do that I get mad at myself for skipping a workout but I know I needed to give my body a break and not push it so that's what I did! This morning got in a short run and not it's STUDY time. I have an important test tomorrow that I NEED to pass. Feeling pretty confident but have to button up a few things in my head! Happy Tuesday! #icandothis #motherrunner #tuesday #irunthisbody #fitmom #livehealthy #lovetorun #lululemon #newbalance #garmin #garminfenix3 #garminrunning #hshive #colorado #everydayisagift #ihavearunnersbody #justrun #run #running #runhappy #runnersofinstagram #runninginthedark #moresnowcoming #stance #stancerun

Choose trust over fear and you will always make the right decision. 🌿 A while ago I started using fear as an indicator of whether or not I should continue with an action. I ask myself "is what I'm about to do (or say) based on fear?" if the answer was yes- I wouldn't follow through.
It seems overly simplified but, it really is that SIMPLE. 🙏🏻 until yet, it has not lead me in the wrong direction. ✨

Ok, not quite.

But I'm 5 years away from the big 5-0!!!! And in the middle of the night, well, kinda felt like I was 60. 😟

We were awoken by the horrible noise every parent has heard....your child violently throwing up in their bed.🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Kim and I immediately jumped into our PKEM system: •Puking Kid Emergency Mode•

You know the drill. Awake from a deep sleep to suddenly giving each other instructions like war generals. "GRAB THE TOWELS! STAT!" "GET HER TO THE WASHROOM!" I think I even said "Yes sir" at one point. 😏

And so went the night for Tessa who sleep on our floor in her sleeping bag... •"Can I have a drink of water?" •Puke. •Clean •Sleep. •"Can I have a drink of water?" •Puke. •Clean •Sleep.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Every parent has been there. You deal with it. But I gotta be honest.
I actually felt ok this morning. Sure, I could have slept more, but I still knew I had to get my workout in.
And I actually crushed it! 👊

It's just become a habit. I let Kim sleep and she will workout after me. 😴😴😴😴😴 I like to believe I had the energy this morning to get in a really good workout because of my commitment to health and level of self-care. ❤🤒 Kim and I have a motto:

We take care of us first...so we can take care of them.

So bring on 50, or 60. I'm going to keep smiling and getting my workouts in regardless of what life throws at us.

It's just too important not to. 😊

Intensity. It's what sets out style of training apart from the other.
Day in, day out, we come in and breathe fire until our lungs burn.
We go harder than the day before, until our bodies are ready to give out.
We set goals, fucking smash them, and repeat.
We embrace the pain, and endure.

This is what sets us apart.

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Ce soir Karim vous ramène à sa jeunesse! 🐴👦💙 Join him for a GRIND CYCLE to the sound of the 90's . Happening tonight at 6:45pm.

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