Are we arriving? 👀🐜

Should be the pink season! 🌸 Wearing your pink~💕🦄

New Yorkers know where’s the #bestpizza at! 🍕🔥 This is the first store of @joespizzanyc ❤️ at #bleekerstreet , now moved to #carminestreet !

Summer Summer Summer! Girls~~~ pls get ready! 🔥❤️

Miss the time I can wear my red dress! 🔥❤️

Summer Summer! We are ready! 🔥🌈 Inspired by @versace and @missoni , model @sola5532 ❤️

2 minutes bus #livesketch 🐳

Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. 🌟🌸 @brookfieldplny

Who says Monday can’t be a fun night? Don’t forget which city you live at. It’s NYC. 🦄

New week started! ✨❤️

Ready for a new week? Uhhhh, at least the weather is not bad at all.💕☀️

2 minutes bus #livesketch on the way for dinner. 🤓

Sunday brunch! The best thing to do at #sundayfunday ☀️

#livesketching at @chelseamarketny 💕 Love watching people having fun and enjoying here.

Exploring the beautiful whale 🐳 at the city? #naturalhistorymuseum NYC is the place to go with your family. Fun Sunday with a sweet museum trip.

Just made some hand-crafted magnets! ❤️ please DM me if you want to purchase it! 💕 Go to qululululu.com for more Lulu’s art.

Summer soooon! Don’t feel rush, let’s get to that step slowly. ❤️ #ilovesummer

A bar next to your apt? Having fun like a real #newyorker ! 💕

Tiger 🐅 🐯! We love the #naturemuseum ! ❤️

Thursday! ❤️The weekend starts from #Thursday ! Somewhere nice for dinner? Wooooo Let’s go to @taodowntown 💕Some fancy delicious #asianfusion

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