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2017 has turned into the summer of date nights. I am for sure not complaining!

Sunday Best! We both wore our favorite Amelia Dresses to church today ❤️❤️. I hope you have amazing Sunday Funday plans!

17 years later... far from perfect but more forgiving, better communicators, a little plumper 😂, still finding adventures and grateful to be together. Happy anniversary @brooksboylston ❤️❤️❤️.

One of my favorite mamas on the planet, @coleykuyperart wearing her @lularoe Classic Tee for a classic look. Four littles at the store is NO JOKE! Love you mama! #lularoe #lularoesu #lularoeclassictee

Shucking corn and making their "G" dinner (at her house 😂)! #LuLaRoe #lularoesu #lularoesusanandbrooks #dotdotsmile

Happy Saturday! Hope you all started out this relaxed, watching Christmas movies! Can we talk about my Guatemala bedspread from the @lularoe Mentor Trip?! 😍😍😍😍 #lularoesu #saturday

The only thing making this present situation tolerable is my comfy @lularoe leggings. 😳🙄😂 #momlife #lularoe #lularoeleggings #lularoesu #dmvmakesmecrazy

My cat and I have equal hooping skills! 😂

#LuLaRoe #lularoecarly #lularoesu #lularoesusanboylston #catlady

Maverick and Goose, right? TEAM tIme was just too fun.
#lularoe #lularoesu #lularoebrooksandsu #lularoebydesign #suburbanoutfitters


2017 has turned into the summer of date nights. I am for sure not complaining!

Basically, at this point, it's friday. Just in case you're counting!
All kinds of happy things happened today. 😄 Our amazing team sent 300 cupcakes to the new @lularoe East Coast Shipping Facility to celebrate all the jobs created in their town and to thank the employees. 😀 @brooksboylston and I had a date night at Raleigh's number one rated restaurant. Can anyone name it? 😀 I saw Wonder Woman and feel like I should go exercise. At 10 pm at night 😂. That girl is bad A. 😀 what good happened in your world today?

My girl is living Art Camp. It has been amazing watching her confidence grow in huge leaps as she's finding "her thing". I am loving downtown strolls everyday.

My friend @kathgandrew just posted this PERFECT reminder for Summer! I'm loving it because I know my kids remember I took a long walk every morning to the Point, body boarded, body surfed and YES... actually surfed last week. They for sure don't remember how I looked in my swim suit! Take heart mamas... go have fun this summer! Here is what Katherine has to say. ❤️ In the heart of swimsuit season ☀️I urge you to please not talk negatively about your body or mention that new diet you are trying. While I would love for you all to see and love your bodies as your daughter does (which includes all of the bumps and curves and dents), I know that's a process. So for now, Just keep it to yourself and remember that weight and health are two very different scales. Eat the way that makes you feel best both emotionally and physically and model that for your kids. #dailyinspiration #bodypositivity // #Repost @foodpeacedietitian ・・・
Whatever you want to call your plan....diet labels hurt a child's growing relationship with food. A relationship he or she will have as long as on this earth.

Teach body positivity and respect.
Not body hate. Not dieting.

Stop talking about your diet or limited food choices in front of children.

Reflecting on a beautiful Beach Week... but I'm also HAPPY to be back in the shop this week! Our shipments are way exciting, so stay tuned for all the happenings!

17 years later... far from perfect but more forgiving, better communicators, a little plumper 😂, still finding adventures and grateful to be together. Happy anniversary @brooksboylston ❤️❤️❤️.

No need to edit this gorgeous sunset. It may have been the best one I've ever seen! Sunrise to sunset next to the ocean may be my favorite bookends to a day. Also, Carly is so easy for beach days!

It's our annual friends and family Beach week... so naturally we bought the biggest float at Costco! Have you tried a @lularoe Lindsay Kimono for a beach cover up? It's the best for sun coverage!
PS. Don't ask about the bandaid 😂😂😂.

Love this rising EIGHTH grader wearing his Be You @lularoe Supply hat 😍. I also love that he got the most amazing blue eyes. Navigating the teenage years is no joke, but it's also a lot of fun. He asked us to play Led Zeppelin the other day riding in the car... I was like, well, we are doing something right! 😂

Date night downtown! It is hot as blazes already (I am NOT complaining!) in Raleigh. The Jill Skirt is perfect for hot summer date nights!

✌🏻out third grade. Love this kid and her "new" pool bag 😍. We covered all the bases with schooling this year... private, home and public. As of today, school's out for summer for everyone and this is one happy mom!

Oh you know. Just doing some serious team training on our team page tonight. My eyebrows were on point, so it was a main topic of conversation. Also, @brooksboylston was sharing that I bought him anti wrinkle face serum as a gift from my last trip. I don't think the gift went over well 😂😂😂. We are truly grateful for our awesome team. They get us.

One year ago this week, we successfully spent three days off the grid with the kids and dog. Our water came from natural springs, we put the kids in their own tent at night (😬🙈 that was hard), we packed in all our supplies and we survived 😂! We spent three amazing days in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. This was my secret mission to convince my kids to thru hike the Trail with us before they fly the nest. We have a hold out, who shall remain anonymous, so we will see about my Big Dream! Anyways. This is me in my most happy place. Can anyone else relate?! Happy Wednesday friends! Chase those dreams!

Kentucky is just gorgeous! I would love to spend a few days here, exploring... and EATING all the food because apparently, Lexington is a foodie paradise! We had an awesome training tonight with local Kentucky Retailers in a beautiful event space. My favorite thing at all these events is hearing other Retailer's stories and how they are working hard to do big things for their families. I wore one of my original @lularoe dresses, a Nicole that is almost three years old! I love bringing something new and fresh into the mix, like this crazy amazing Joy. Happy Sunday friends.

All the color for today's @lularoe Training in Knoxville, Tennessee! I LOVED meeting so many amazing Retailers and hearing their stories ❤️. Also, Knoxville is gorgeous!

Happy FriYay! I love traveling to new to me cities! First up is Knoxville, Tennessee for a training tomorrow. What is your favorite thing to do in Knoxville, friends? Give me the scoop!
It doesn't get any easier than a Carly for traveling! ✈️

Good times with the best people. #all4cam

On a day where there are families painfully aware of not being together... the best form of gratitude seems to be living in the moment, full of thanks to be together.

Need a beach cover up? Upsize the Perfect Tee and your beach Day is made! It could not be any prettier on the coast today!

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