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Beauty: Raven Lexy (Instagram) @ravenlexy #ravenlexy Photo: #lukepearsallphotography

This is a gorgeous girl!
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@nuexpo After much thought and careful debate I've personally chosen to post some of my work. Two reasons I didn't before others opinions, and my fear of criticism. I'll be 30 with two children on Friday. I'm passed that in my life. I work hard to provide for my family and not make excuses. This is part of how I do that.. Yes I want my children to see this one day when they are old enough. It's my job to teach them to love themselves and it starts by being a good role model. By practicing what I preach... Actually being happy with my body. And I am now.. I've long since struggled as a female with my body. Mainly my curves. I've always had these hips and dips where others didn't . It was uncomfortable for me. Not long ago I was approached by a professional to do nude art. Not the kind that goes in magazines. The kind that gets painted. I chose to take this compliment and use it go empower myself as a female to embrace my body. I have and as a result I'm posting this picture of me in my work happy and comfortable. In no way do I want you to like this for sexual value. Like it because you want other women to feel this way as well.
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