after today ill have two days left of school

Broken part - 13

I was so lost in playing my guitar I forgot Luke was almost at my house and I didn’t hear him walk in until “wow that’s so good” he says standing at the door. I’m shock I stop playing and put the guitar away “how long where u standing there” I ask and he sits in the bed “30 seconds ish, but what I heard was beautiful u played it with so much emotion” he says. “So what u over for” I ask changing the subject “okay so u know how last week Lena and that asked me to sit with them” he says and I nod “well all them r being super nice and it’s creeping me out” he adds “it must be nice” I say sadly and he puts his arm round me “hey u will always have me okay”
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Ooof what a look

//Qotd- what country do you live in (I'm very curious)
~~ the US

Lashton got me fucked up ♥️😭


i want someone to look at me the way luke is lookin at that corn

who eats fries with a fork....

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