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Gallows is the 🐐

This episode of Ride Along made me love The entire Club more. AJ and Finn have such a good relationship with G&A. G&A in general seem like real cool dudes to talk too lmfao. I loved when Finn was ribbing on Gallows by asking him how old he was, I'm guessing he always makes jokes about that. That AJ impression was spot on too. God I'd love a full blown show for The Club with Finn and AJ. Shit would be gold and better than all the animated stuff we've been getting on the network. Also Finn calling everyone and anyone babe is my new favorite thing ever
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The Club's championship reign has been quite weird. They're either booked really strong or really weak, & that confuses me. I don't know what to think of their reign as champions.
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Excited for #WWERaw tomorrow in Philly 🤘🏻. Gonna spend the day down at the FU Center hoping to meet Machine Gun and Gallows... maybe even Balor I'm lucky 😊

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