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Espero mesmo que seja uma ótima vilã :) Siga a gente no Twitter 🐤 @legiaodosherois 🐤 #defensores #thedefenders #lukecage #demolidor #daredevil #jessicajones #punhodeferro #ironfist #marvel #marvelcomics #netflix

Unfortunately this is true, zack can never seem to get a break.
Lets just remember that zack still directed the whole movie, and he could've left in march when this terrible thing happened, but he stuck around and finished for the fans. Whedon is only making a couple more scenes wanted by Zack Snyder and finishing up, there won't be any major changes.

The evolution of a gunshot:Courtesy of @marvelslukecage sfx team! It's all fun and games until you have to sit in a pool of blood for 3 days😂😂😂 they did an amazing job👏🏾🏆👏🏾and before you all say it, I know, you wished I lost the arm😏That arm is #harlem strong! In the words of @diddy , that arm got to singing "we ain't go-in nowhere, we ain't, going no where, we can't be stopped now" 💪🏾💪🏾#mistyknight #lukecage #specialfx #therewillbeblood #naturalhair


How can you not love a black woman?😙

The new international trailer shows a lot more! The beginning is to funny! His POV of Civil War! Watch at your expense. 2/2

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