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Hey lovelies! Just a little reminder that in Unicorn Pin Giveaway I'm in finishes on the 18th so you've only got a short time to enter. Take a look at the giveaway details, how to enter on the post on my profile and take a look at all the other amazing unicorn pins you can win! Seriously, I'm so jealous of the lucky winner!😱💕🦄

How lucky is this girl to have two guys that love her #luckyyou #bae_205 #jeezysaidgetoffmykoolaid #goodtimewithgreatfriends

Sitting VS Standing ✨👙
🤗 KEEPING IT REAL! 🤗 So I know many people out there are sharing these kinda pictures to show you how we all have "fatrolls" & "skinfolds". That's not the message I wanna share with you today. I'm gonna tell you why you should be greatfull as fuck that you've got them too!🍀🙆🏻 #luckyyou
Did you know that your skin is the largest organ you have? It's also a super important one! It warns and protects us and without a skin human beings would have probably been extinct years ago. Imagine those few first cavemen seeing fire, not feeling the heat cause they didn't have a skin with its heat feeling nerves🔥🔥 None of them would be warned and they might have all ended up dancing in the flames. Yep that's how humanity could have ended😅😂 #givemeanaward
On a more "serious" note; there is a reason why your skin is flexible and why you've got that tiny bit more than you may think you need. It's so you can MOVE! Think about rotating your upperbody. The skin around your tummy and back has to move with you, stretch out etc. If not you wouldn't be able to rotate! ⛹🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🤺🏄🏻‍♀️.
That kinda "perfect" skin you think you want, the one that is tight as hell and doesn't fold; that one will not allow you to move! Pretty sure that if you had such a skin the "survival of the fittest" theory would instantly kill you. How are you going to eat if you can't move? 🚴🏽‍♀️🙍🏻
. .
Think you get my point by now. And yes some of us have "bigger" fatrolls. Some have only skin folds cause their fat% is super low. But in the end the one thing we all have is a skin that allows us to live a life. So instead of hating your skin, go get out there and live that life to the fullest!! A little skinfold never hurt nobody. A negative self esteem does😔 .
Honestly wear that crop top, winnie the pooh wears one too!💁🏻 Dance like you are the queen of the jungle!💃🏻 And take selfies like the world has never seen such a pretty human being before! OWN IT! 👊🏼 😉

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I've had these pants for a while now and JUST noticed this LOL
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They said marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life... I picked you 😌 #luckyYou ... thank you for being born. I love you very much!!!!! Happy birthday mahal 😘😘😘

#LuckyYou 🍀


And you're welcome! 😉 #imawesome #oneofakind #luckyyou 🌠🍀

Not feeling so lucky myself, but this cutie would surely help 🍀Find your own pieces of extra luck in my #etsyshop
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Всем такого же сладкого утра, как у этого кота😚😴 #GM #luckyyou

Sharing my discount.....#luckyyou

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If you make it to @theedwardsbar tonight by 6pm you might catch a sneaky duo set from these kids to warm you up for the full band.

Lucky You (2006)

Huck Cheever é um talentoso jogador de pôquer que tenta viver um intenso romance enquanto disputa o campeonato mundial em Las Vegas. Se chegar até a final, ele poderá jogar contra seu pai, um famoso jogador que abandonou Huck anos atrás.

Elenco: Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore, Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr
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Pulp Fiction Baby 🔫

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🖤Black cats are as sweet and lucky as any other cat. Here's the black cat designed for @pictoplasma 's Character Selfies and shown in Berlin and Monterrey! Love to all black cats!!! ❤️😸🖤

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