Always have a dive buddy 🤙🏽🐬

lovely mornings in waikiki. 🌺✨ @mermaid_brings_roses mahalo for sharing this beautiful moment. #hawaiiwego

Happy Weekend all! Hope you get a chance to get out and play.

Uncle @tharinrosa OH face on a heavy day 📽@tedfordmahiko photo #hero6 @knektusa @bombereyewear @hurley

Acrylic on canvas. 10x20 inches.

10 Day Mightyy Mindset Challenge that @miss_mightyy_mouse called me out on. I never do these things or haven’t ever, but this will be my first. This is day 1 of 10 days that I will be posting something I absolutely LOVE about my life. I really don’t or hardly ever slow down to reflect on life. I’m always distracted with looking for the next mission impossible to conquer. But here you have it... Family first, and blood don’t make you necessarily related, but LOYALTY does. No matter what kind of mess I got myself into or crazy outlandish idea I may have, umm they don’t always agree with my decisions but I can guarantee they got me. Fk yeah I stir up the pot, sometimes near death experiences happen, we have many “F-You!” fights, but their LOVE for me never wavers... or at least I’d like to think. How could I not LOVE this about my life ( missing @deibun ) Day 1 #mightyymindset #FamilyFirst #LivingTheDream #Happiness #Love #Life #Oahu #HILife #LuckyWeLiveHawaii #GoodVibes #Motivation #Inspiration #IFBB #NPC #WBFF #WPD #Physique #Figure #Bikini #Bodybuilding #TheAlphaMel Disclaimer: In NO way, shape or form am I the Ring Leader or impose any influential coercion to the people involved and or responsible for any decisions they make. Lol

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