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Shout out to my nigga gio bruh you should follow him he post different shit and got good feed #lucasvercetti #sanbenitohigh

#lucasvercetti 💀 the best of Odd Future after Tyler and Earl #oddfuturewolfgangkillthemall

Swallow girl its just nut #LucasVercetti

Star Breeze By Lucas Vercetti (Innen.2017)Edition of 200. #lucasvercetti#oddfuture#innenzines #laabf @printedmatterinc


Best member of OFWGKTA #Darealmistavuhsachee

Peeking at chu boy.

Guess again!

Guess who?!

IM BACK BITCH . but fr tho he better be droppin some music i cant wait.
I will literally freak tf out. °
° #tylerthecreator #oddfuture #wolfgang #golfwang #earlsweatshirt #lucasvercetti #jasperdolphin #tacobennet #lboy #hodgybeats #domogenesis #mellowhype #frankocean #music

i love tyler so much 😂😂 One time i was blasting his shit and he goes "im awesome and i fuck dolphins" and my mom walked in and was like "who is this man , what did the dolphins do?" Lmao •
• #tylerthecreator #oddfuture #wolfgang #golfwang #earlsweatshirt #lucasvercetti #frankocean #jasperdolphin #tacobennet #lol #meme #jk #lmao #funnyvideos

Like them or not OF was one of the most important hip-hop groups in history and ill explain why. First of all, they broke all standard hip hop barriers. They broke racial barriers broke sexual barriers and broke rap style barriers. Of had a lesbian and bisexual people in their posse had white dudes and black dudes in their posse just breaking the complete norm of hip hop. They didn't dress like casual rappers they were the first major group to appeal to the white mainstream crowd born in the suburbs and that's why their fans liked them so much because they could relate to them. As tyler said in oldie he created an empire and he actually did. When they were coming up they had a major affect on how teens were dressing. Vans, Supreme, colorful tees, and all that shit prob boosted stores like PacSun and Zumiez sale by a shitload. They started their own carnival clothing line TV show. Their roster was crazy too from Tyler the leader to left brain to Syd to quiet frank to jasper to earl lmao each of them all had completely different personalities but still somehow melted together for such a unique and hilarious group and not to mention some super talented artist in this group.You can tell that they were friends first and a rap group second. They were also mainstream yet not mainstream at the same time if yanno what I mean.They didn't have any radio hit songs or anything but still had such a Huge and loyal fanbase. They had that I don't give a fuck about anything attitude and they never changed not even for their record label. It was a change of scene to hear these weird dudes rapping about crazy and funny shit. Its sad that some of them have been beefing lately or and all went their separate ways and they will prob never reunite again but it would be cool to see that in the game right now. Those 7 letters are forever. #OFWGTKA

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