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Lots of this tonight #lstand #handstand #yoga

Playing around at the gym with some L stands out of my comfort zone with the encouragement of @dm_fitness21 and @lozal4 🙅😂 #lstand #fitness #fitnessjourney #gym

Jeg jobber litt hver dag med håndstående 🙌🏼 L-stand er noe jeg har begynt med nå som jeg kan stå greit fra vegg og trekke ben vekk. Her står jeg i alt fra 10 sek til 1 min. Før dette jobber jeg med å mobilisere håndledd og varme opp skuldre 👍🏼 gøy å merke en forbedring sakte men sikkert 👊🏼 #amrfitness #handstand #lstand #øvelsegørmester #runandrelax

What you don't see in the picture: 1️⃣me eating shit prior 2️⃣me eating shit after #Lstand #flyeastnashville @hotyogaeastnashville @hotcindyyoga

Day 8 of #InversionProject is #lstand I managed to do both variations. I am so impressed with myself today. I haven't been working on handstands since before spring break and they're coming along so well 😭
These are the days in thankful for tumbling even though I hated the drills 😅

Hosts: @mylittleyogi @asanavanessa @shreeyoga
Sponsors: @infinitystrap @liforme @yogisurprise @yogapaws @happyheartsandminds @onzie

This was the first time trying this with a hold without the wall. I can do l-legs but not l-stand... yet. #InversionProject Lovely hosts: @shreeyoga @mylittleyogi @asanavanessa Sponsors: @onzie @yogisurprise @infinitystrap @liforme @yogapaws @happyheartsandminds #igyogachallenges #yogamom @nhyogi #yogaeverydamnday #lstand

Transformation Saturday #LSTAND ❤️💜💙

Hey yogis! 💋💋💋💋 Welcome to Day 11 of #MissionToTransition ! time for #inversions !!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 For these last two days all three hosts will be posting and we each have a different level of inversion to focus on. 🌟@alishoreshine.align will have headstand, 🌟@throwin.shapes will have forearm stand, and 🌟@sharasklar will have handstand. Check in with all the hosts to see what you'd like to work on! ❤ Here is some prep for handstanding .... As you know there are zillions of preps we can do for every inversion so always do what you desire and be safe of course. My descriptions are a bit brief....truth is there is so much to be said but we just don't have the space. 👅

Tonight I'm showing: 🌟1. floor facing #handstand to help create sensations felt during your straight / solid handstand. Tucked pelvis, buns slightly firm , navel drawn in and up, arms lengthy & and toes POINTED. 🌟2. Downdog pushups to create arm strength, external rotation, muscle memory, core stabilizer, legs and thighs engaged, shoulder stabilizer and rib cage drawn in. 🌟3. Wall handstand .... Oh wow, if this doesn't create the sensations of everything working hard then you might be a superhero! Get as close to wall as possible then PRESS DEEPLY into the earth, wrap triceps back, draw tailbone upwards, keep navel drawn in and up, draw pelvis away from lower ribs, allow shoulders to continue drawing together, point toes... Don't allow arms to bend....if they do, please use strap or come down. 🌟4. #Lstand at wall! Please see above directions for ALL .... Press deeply through palms, keep belly slightly hollow, PRESS THROUGH FEET EVENLY while keeping feet at same height of hips. Stack joints here.... Hips over shoulders for optimal strength, gaze between palms Or drop gaze back.
Have fun a and be safe always!!!! Be sure to see cohosts for their amazing warm ups!!!!! 🌟🔹We have a great group of sponsors who are generously donating prizes to our winners who complete this challenge. Please show them some love with a follow:: @zions_den_apparel @ilovegurus @harempantsboho @samudrakala @allavitayoga @consciousink @kocoandviking @seamslikedina .


Lots of this tonight #lstand #handstand #yoga

Monday's can be hard. You know what I think is is harder? L-stands 😭 😂. But you gotta do hard things to do hard things. Pirouetting while falling out of handstand? That is easy 😊 #mondaymotivation

Hello Saturday! 🙌
//Skickar skärpa till hjärnan💡💎🙏 #stockholmyoga #fysioterapi #lstand #handstand #handstående #satsfridhemsplan #satselixia

Had to take my practice outside this weekend! Photo credit to my 4 year old! #lstand #mothersday #yogimom #handstand #yogisinnature #midwestyogi

"Her walk is like a shot of whiskey 🥃 - neat, strong and full of purpose and so many underestimate her punch 🤛 ". #neat #strong #whiskeystrong #pilatesstrong #fullofpurposeandpromise #blackandwhitefilter #classicbandw #fusedwithyoga #Lstand #handstand #yogistand #yogisofinstagram @barrefusion

I had some extra time before class so spent some time working on things I'm learning in an Intermediate/Advance series. Practicing these inversions everyday! I'm shaky but it's progress! #progressnotperfection #alwaysastudent #handstand #yogimom #lstand #myarmshurt #mothersday

This angle is hilarious 😂. L-stand at the wall...or lady lump pose🍑.

Playing around at the gym with some L stands out of my comfort zone with the encouragement of @dm_fitness21 and @lozal4 🙅😂 #lstand #fitness #fitnessjourney #gym

Day 5 #FabFavePoses 🎶 | Inversion | L Stand
I've only recently started practicing inversions so L stands are my favourite way to train my breath as I am upside down. I also use the support I get from the wall for more endurance as I strengthen my core and shoulders 💪🏻
Hosts 🏴 @jeminajakin @themuscleboundyogi @yoginiinheels
Sponsors 🏳 @re3life @liforme @toesox

#resolutionhandstand III : day 2
strength: 1 min plank hold (aka 15 sec f/u l-stand)
stretch: low lunge
shape: stag legs handstand
flow: DD ➡️ low lunge twisted lunge ➡️ twisted reverse warrior ➡️ w2 ➡️ reverse warrior ➡️ vinyasa ➡️ handstand kicks with stag legs
thoughts: i have never really tried anything else other than kicking up to the wall with handstand -- my 1 min hold was actually a 15 sec hold with my arms quivering, my breath shaking, and my hands gripping for dear life -- during this time my mind was screaming "you are not ready for this, you are going to hurt yourself" -- it's hard to know when and when not to listen to your mind -- this time i listened -- when i look at the photo i see all of the deficits that need to be worked on including shoulder flexibility, thoracic mobility, and core stabilization -- practicing this way has made me really appreciate the postural awareness and control that all the inspiring yogis have that i'm seeing to maintain this posture facing the wall and without a wall -- i have gone way out of my comfort zone participating in a challenge like this -- the one true and positive thing i have is motivation -- i may not nail a handstand away from the wall for another few years but i do believe it is in my future.
Hosts: @yoga_supqueen @bluesuntara @susanbishopyoga @leighemily @goplantyourself Sponsors: @kosusaofficial @byoganow @yogapaws @tula.blue @infinitystrap @dontmesswithganesh @dharmayogawheel
#handstand #handstandchallenge #mayyogachallenge #handstandjourney
#TEAMresolutionhandstand365 #staglegs #lstand

#strengthTEN3 : day 9
i have to finish this challenge before i start another! wow these were hard -- i was feeling quite a bit of strain at my elbows so i could only do a few of these L stand drivers -- here is my flow: L stand drivers ➡️ supported handstand ➡️ w3 ➡️ half moon -------------------------------
hosts: @lizettepompayoga and @yoga_girl_london sponsors: @yogoja @onzie
#lstand #handstandwork #handstanddrills #corestrength #core #yogachallenge #yogadrills


Who here wants to do a handstand 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 For me this is something I REALLY want to be able to do but I'm just not there yet.

Every time this came up in yoga teacher training I was like a little puppy desperate to get up just never quite there!

So my homework is L SHAPED HANDSTAND pose which builds strength in the arms, the core and the legs 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 It's a lot harder than it looks 😅🔥 I'm also doing a lot of forearm planks to help build strength in my body and help with those inversions. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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