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Group Hug! 👍🏼

Hello mis amores ❤

La semaine prochaine débute la @foiredeparis ☺️
À cette occasion, les secrets de Loly permettent à 2 d'entre vous de gagner 2 places chacun 🎉

Pour participer c'est très simple, Il vous suffit de suivre @lolyspoon et laisser un commentaire sous cette photo !!
Le tirage au sort aura lieu lundi après-midi 😘😘

📸 by @alexkvry 💕

Menurut ulama Syiah ini hukum memotong roti itu makruh (kasihan penjual dan pembuat roti) sedangkan memukul-mukul, menyayat-nyayat tubuh hukumnya malah berpahala #lol #lsl .
🎬@sunnahtube .
@proudmoslem_ / @hinatahyuuga_cyber
@proudmoslem_ / @hinatahyuuga_cyber
@proudmoslem_ / @hinatahyuuga_cyber
#proudmoslem_ #hinatahyuuga_cyber

Trackin on a 5 song EP today! #superreverb #fender #lsl #gibson #strymon

Body serum lightening best seller👏 #lsl #lotionsuperlightening

El primero de muchos!!🔞🎉💗Las amo!! #LSL #DRB 💗


Had an amazing time watching the #RealMadrid V. #Barca Match this weekend. #repost @antoniosola_

We'll sure miss this one! She has a new home and is now available at @prymaxe ! Welcome to the family guys! Looking forward to what comes next!
#lsl #XT3 #customguitar #prymaxe #unleavenedshred

Here's our April CFT Athlete Spotlight

Josh • Tell us about yourself
I live in O'Fallon with my wonderful wife Tammie. Despite the dog and cat, we are empty nesters. Dalton, our 25 year old lives in Ozark, MO with his fiancé, and 2x games athlete, Kelly.
• What made you start CrossFit?
I spent years racing mountain bikes, but a foot injury put me off the bike for a couple of years. I needed to do something to stay active in the interim recovery period, so I came to Trenches to try it out after a bunch of pressure from family and friends (PC!!). • What were your thoughts after your first workout at CFT?
I kind of thought that PC and Mendy just got together and had a bit of a "Muahahaha" laugh while programming the WOD. It was tough! I was sore for several days. That was 2.5 years ago....
• What impact has CrossFit had in your life in and outside the gym?
Besides becoming stronger and more flexible, CrossFit has been a great stress relief outlet. It's great to get in to the 5 or 6pm class and let a little steam off by lifting things and putting them back down over and over.
• If you had to write a WOD, what would it be?
I like chippers and hero WODs. When I travel, I do variations of this WOD based upon what equipment the hotel has:
4 or 5 sets of heavy deadlifts, cleans, or push-press
20 sets of 5: Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats
2-4K row, or 2-3 mile run
• What’s your diet like? How does nutrition play a role in your life?
I try to eat clean. I don't follow any particular type of diet; I aim to eat clean with balance and moderation, but I do count macros. I've been using a nutritionist for the past couple of months and have been seeing great results.
• What advice would you give to a new CrossFitter?
Don't give up. Don't worry about how much weight you lift – push hard, but know your limits. Get plenty of rest. Know that if you are doing it right, it doesn't necessarily get easier...but you do get faster, stronger, leaner....and just more awesome. But most importantly - Come Back!!!
• What’s your favorite motivational quote and why?
"Push through" - It's simple and you can repeat it to yourself when you start getting tired.(Complete post on FB)

#sv650 #xn1#lsl work in progress....

All else equal, your vegan #girlfriend is getting more #protein than you. 😳Unless you're me and you start your day out with a cereal bowl of #broccoli. 🙃If you can't #growyourown then buy frozen, it has more nutrients than grocery store #fresh. #veggies #LSL #lowsodium #lowsugar #lifestyle

Group Hug! 👍🏼

Ama a baby Boy for life🙌😂😁
Lol i still remember this pix #tbt back then at agbani 100 level everyday boy i always put my pen on my paper making everyday noise and i used to feel the pain of an everyday boy big shout out those beautiful ladies always crushing on the boy and less shout life to all my OGs #LSL @jujuclouds @iam_melvinjay @jordan_jaga @lagosboi @lexy @justin @possible729 @obelego99 @pogbasoft
I will never forget y'all #blood #family we gonna be alright we up!🙏🔥🌊🌊📷

Hope I get work soon

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