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Be careful of the imposter lsd Called 25i-nbome(and other nbomes) . That can kill you if you take only 2 tabs. It's safety profile is different to lsd. We're as with lsd you can eat hundreds of tabs and you will not come close to dieing. With a Nbome as little as 2 tabs can be fetal. Be aware of this stuff as it nearly always gets sold as lsd on blotter paper.😤😖
3 ways you can spot nbome

1. Buy some testing reagents and test your substance.

2 sometimes nbome tabs can have a glittery appearance to them due to a higher amount of nbome needed per dose than lsd.

3. If you haven't got a test kit and you feel ambitious. Put a small piece of a tab on your tongue. If it tastes really bitter and you're tongue goes numb its most likely a NBOMe. Lsd is tasteless you might get a slight inky taste from the ink on the tab but that's it.
Be safe and enjoy
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They want you to think different but not too differently

7 things to consider before consuming psychedelics.
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7 things to consider BEFORE consuming psychedelic substances.
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