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We couldn't make it to this month's #lscafterdark so please join us in this πŸ”¬ #tbt

So I was a big nerd in High School and now I get to re-live it @lscafterdark "Nerd Prom" doors open in a few minutes. Come through for a good time! Wearing @amtvintage hair by @thehairroomjc #jerseycity #lscafterdark. πŸ“Έ @carpediem_laura

Photo Booth Pics from #LSCAfterDark #GrecianGala @lscafterdark Full Gallery -

Last night was a blast at #lscafterdark πŸ€“ thanks to @oshawaiters for coming with me and being the two baddest bishhes thereπŸ˜‚

Photo Booth Pics from #LSCAfterDark #GrecianGala @lscafterdark Full Gallery -

Nerdy Prom πŸ€“#lscafterdark

Happy Halloween βš°πŸŽƒ #LSCAfterDark last week

Bringing me back to my childhood 😊 #lscafterdark


Had a nutritious snack of honey-mustard and BBQ flavored crickets, while on a random walk in Jersey City. Meanwhile, the 3 year old was like, nope, I don't know what family I have been born into #lscafterdark

LSC After Dark is at Groove on Grove right now! πŸŽ‰ Stop by and try some crickets and grasshoppers at our Bug Buffet! πŸ˜† #LSCAfterDark

Thanks @lscafterdark! #lscafterdark was fun!

I had a blast at @lscafterdark's Nerd Prom! Here are a few highlights:
Pic 1 - @chaotech stands beside her "Leave Me Alone" hat, which uses Arduino technology to tell others whether the wearer is available for conversation or using a mobile device at the moment.
Pic 2 - @threeformfashion's Aaron stands with some of his 3D-printed designs, which can be customized to the wearer's body using advanced body scanning technology.
Pic 3 - A heart tattoo over my heart? Yes, please!
Pic 4 - DEADPOOL!!!

Calling all foodies! Tickets are now available for our next #LSCAfterDark event, "Electric BBQ," on July 20. We’re teaming up with Midnight Market Jersey City to throw the most β€œlit” BBQ you’ll attend all summer. Enjoy delicious plates from local vendors. Take in the NYC skyline as you sip on cocktails outside. Electrify your senses with bursts of musical lightning produced by our twin, one-million-volt Tesla coils. Get tickets now for a discounted online price. Link in bio.

#lscafterdark #nerdprom #anightout #somuchfun #different #usnerds @lscafterdark can't wait till the next party! πŸ€“

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