Faking a “professional photo” for my LSAC account so I can register for the June LSAT. 👩🏼‍⚖️⚖️ (*Don’t worry, I saved the filtered version for Instagram) .
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I’m about to really start using Manhattan prep logic games book. Would you guys like me to do a review on this?

Make sure you watch the vlog

life for the next few months 😭🙏🏼🙈 #prayforme

This weeks video is up. Please go watch the video!

Let’s just say starting tomorrow LSAT & Chill is going in a new direction and I’m for sure y’all will love it. Make sure y’all go watch the video tomorrow at 12pm EST on YouTube. Link is in the bio.

Update: So I got a new MacBook Pro. And I didn’t post a blog post or a YouTube video last week. But this week I will be back. Tune in this Sunday to hear about how I plan on studying for the #lsat. #lsatprep #macbookpro #lsatpreparation #newseries

Took the lsat in Feb and found what worked for me and what didn’t. Selling he whole lot for 35$ Bc I’m super broke. Used and useful. 35$ includes shipping. #lsat #lsatprep #lsatpreparation #lsatmax

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I have taken a much needed break and I have gotten a lot of time to reflect on my previous lsat test times. I have officially decided that I will not be applying this cycle because I know for a fact I will not get accepted. So my new plan is to take LSAT in September and go to law school in the next cycle. When prepping for Sept LSAT, I plan on being more strict on my studying and I also plan on doing a weekly vlog about my journey that week. The running idea is to highlight some of my LSAT study struggles and how I over came them. So watch for the lsat vlogs because they may be coming sooner than you think.

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