Happy birthday Tess (@lpsmeow)!!! The next picture is the first digital art piece I have ever made (besides my edits) :3 this is my present to you Tess I hope you like it 😊

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Hello guys, and today we have decided to talk about the new series "Warriors Of Love" by @lpsmeow , which I'm sure will be a big hit based on the trailer!

So the trailer starts off describing a beautiful place where everyone was happy, but then an evil legendary pet took over. She is a beautiful brown collie, with teal blue eyes. Anyhow, this pet made everyone depressed, sad, and insecure about themselves. (I noticed how all the pets so far have hearts on their chests, -expect the good legendary who has a heart on her crown- while the brown collie has a broken heart on her chest. Does this have any reason to her motives or how she turned evil?) So, then the good legendary (who is revealed to be the "Queen Of Love" toward the end of the trailer) ran away, giving up, and leaving her powers behind. Leaving, her poor son there. Alone..with her...And, the chosen ones had no idea what was going on. The chosen ones are many things. Clever, smart, sweet, etc. Then, one day, they became the "warriors of love." These warriors start to battle the evil legendary. (who is revealed to be the "queen of heartbreak") The Queen Of Heartbreak explains her plans later on in the trailer, about how she wants to take over the world with her hate.

Anyhow, this series sounds so spectacular! And I'm sure many will be able to relate, and hopefully this series will be a stepping stone for those who are going through rough times, to find love within themselves again. Anyhow, bye!
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For @lpsmeow
I hope this brightens your day!! :)

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