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Day 7 - On the Cutting Mat - #igquiltfest I'm prepping an all Christmas themed fabric @quiltville_bonnie #lozengesquilt to sew this year in our RV during summer vacations across Ontario πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. In the next photo, I forgot this new Janome machine I bought specifically for the RV. It's very lightweight, 9 pounds I think? I can't wait to be sitting outside in nature quilting away. @amyscreativeside

My first finish of 2018 is "Laurie's Modern Day Blues". Swipe to see the back and also to see my original blue lozenges quilt "Grandma's Vintage Blues" which I made a few years ago out of my grandmother's scraps. #lauriepiequilts #lozengesquilt

Test block for this summer's RV Quilting project. These were off cut blocks that I forgot to "measure twice, cut once". Also learned that I'll use my white half squares on dark fabrics and black squares on light fabrics. Thank you @quiltville_bonnie for writing such a great pattern, everything nests just perfectly! #lozengequilt #lozengesquilt #lozenges #bonniekhunter #quilting #quilt #christmasquilt #rvquiltstudio #camping #rvcamping

Finished quilt! Orange 🍊 lozenges, inspired by @laurie3.14. Gorgeous backing fabric and a lovely quilting design with leaves and acorns. 🍁 Easily one of my top three favorite quilts! #husbandsholdingquilts #quilting #quiltingmakesmehappy #finishedquilt #lozengesquilt

Laurie's Modern Day Blues will be my first finish of 2018 but right now I'm only 68% done with the loopy hand quilting. I am very happy to report that despite buying 134 new fabrics in 2017 😳I ended up with 789 fabrics which met my goal. At the start of 2017 I had 889 fabrics so my goal for 2018 is to again reduce my stash by 100 and get to 689 fabrics by year's end. #stopstashingstartsewing #handquilting #lozengesquilt

Laurie's Modern Day Blues (pin basted) atop of Grandma's Vintage Blues... This may be the most blue lozenges in one photo in IG history. πŸ˜œπŸ’™ #lozengesquilt

After 4 months of having these blocks sit in a pile it's finally time to sew them together! #lozengesquilt

It's time to put the blocks together for my orange lozenges quilt! 🍊 #quilting #quiltingmakesmehappy #lozengesquilt #iloveorange

My lozenge quilt is all quilted!
It's huge, scrappy, and orange and blue. πŸ’™πŸŠπŸ’™πŸŠ
Win! Win! Win!
#lozengequilt #lozengesquilt #dancingbobbinshowandtell #orangeandblue #sewmystash2017 @quiltville_bonnie

Only 4 more of these blocks to make for my Laurie's Modern Day Blues quilt. Last week Sally @quiltsalad sent me an overflowing box of Kaffe Fassett scraps which was the boost I needed to get to the finish line on these blocks. #lozengesquilt #scrapquilt #kaffefassett

Update on Laurie's Modern Day Blues - the blocks are 66.666...% done. #lozengesquilt

Lots of quilting time on Mother's Day = lots of lozenges! My count is up to 150 out of my goal of 450 which means I'm 33% done. #lozengesquilt

It's totally normal to start a new quilt just because you have a name for it in your head - right? This is called "Laurie's Modern Day Blues" and it's a companion to my 2015 quilt which is called "Grandma's Vintage Blues". #lozengesquilt Pattern on @quiltville_bonnie 's blog.

And the binding goes on.... Tonight I will drape the quilt over my lap, and hand stitch the other side while I watch a movie. So relaxing! #indigohandmadequilts #lozengesquilt #babyquilt #bindingaquilt

My gorgeous dog Misty, posing next to my lozenges quilt while it dries. I've just spayed it with water to remove the quilting lines before I bind. Almost there! #indigohandmadequilts #lozengesquilt #babyquilt

Basting a lozenges baby quilt in preparation for quilting tomorrow. About time I finished this one. #indigohandmadequilts #babyquilt #lozengesquilt

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