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Lyft ride to the Adultcon #werock #shesmylife #loyalasfuck #sheshot

#mcm 😍 #baeaf 😘#lovehim #loyalasfuck new face tat done by my buddy @tattoosbyaaroncharley 🔥✨

Today my dogs loyalty and training under pressure was truly put to the test.
I had stopped off at a gas station for a breakfast burrito and gas, and since I had to only run in for 30 seconds, and it was still cool in the am, I left Balto in my car, windows a third of the way down, doors locked. She's done this a million times.
But today, as I'm waiting inside to purchase my delicious burrito, a random German shepherd squeezes through the door and into the gas station, wiggling, jumping on me and roo-rooing. Stunned, I realize that's MY German shepherd, gather her up next to me, apologize profoundly for the rooroos and delighted shepherdness, and walk out the door.
As I'm walking out, a green Camry pulls to a stop in front of my dog and I, and the hippie-looking older lady inside shouts, "Animals deserve to be free!!" And peels out of the parking lot. 😰😐🤔😨😵 Dumbfounded, I lead Balto to my car, only to find the drivers side door wide open.....the door I KNOW I had locked. There's no physical way Balto could have opened it, (and you, she doesn't DO things like that) making the only explanation, that this crazy Green Camry Hippie Peta Woman "freed" her, let her run through the parking lot, and into the building, and right to me. *click* This explains her roorooing and overly excited/anxious behavior.
She could have ran, she could have bit, she could have been stolen or killed or hit by a car, and she chose to come find me and least me know ALL about it instead. In the face of a bad situation, she did the best she could, and I am proud of her.

I filed a police report, we will see what comes of it. Meanwhile, I'll snuggle her tight tonight, and giggle that when someone sets her free, she response is "I'm gonna, um, go find my master now? KTHNXBAI."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @zimorific !! Been with Beastcamp since the early days and still at it! #loyalasfuck!! I've seen him grow and develop mentally and physically into a Beast! always pushing hard everytime! enjoy your day and holiday! catch you in 2 weeks my man! 💪💪💪💪💪

Happy birthday to my boo thang 💋 @katemichellex I hope you have an amazing day being spoilt baby! Thank you for being the kind soul that you are and filling my life with light! ✨You really are such an amazing human that deserves all the happiness in this world. I love you five eight, to the moon & back a million times over 👯 #mine #fiveeight #theydontmakethemlikeyouanymore #loyalasfuck


Lyft ride to the Adultcon #werock #shesmylife #loyalasfuck #sheshot

It's me. #ThatRideOrDie #LoyalAsFuck 🙏🏻

Oo yeah baby its about to go down 👊😲 Shout out to @twisted_sgs for blessing me with some of His Greatness 👍😁 we got 2x26 Ni90 36g Ni90 Fused 😎 With these Two right here.... Watch out Comps its looking like a Problem for y'all 👍😉 #vapemail #vape #vapelife #vapelyfe #vapefam #vapenation #vapeworld #vapers #goodguyvapes #girlsthatvape #guysthatvape #chicksthatvape #dudesthatvape
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