It’s such a nice feeling when you can share oils to help those you care about
As the wintry weather has finally hit our part of the world so have the winter bugs Carry these oils in your handbag/manbag to help those in need!

🍝You're cooking a fab meal! 🍝You've got splattered sauce all over your bench, half chopped veges and needing a top up of that gorgeous red you've opened🍷 Oh gosh! Better get to the clean up.........you lean for that spray n' wipe and just as you start to squeeze the trigger you stop.......hmmmmm I wonder if this is safe around food?
We have FOUR words for you. 'Food safe essential oils'. .
Here's a little fun fact for you. Not all essential oils are suitable for ingestion. That's right!
Our multipurpose spray contains food grade essential oils, unlike your chemical based alterntaives, so you can feel safe that spraying your @purehomebody around your food is fine. .
So you can keep sipping that red as you pull our trigger knowing that even if a bit gets in that delicious dish you can shrug your shoulders and hope that it needed a bit of citrus.
Happy cooking!

I traded some of my zucchinis for a bag of crabapples recently. I had heard of crabapple jelly and wanted to give it a try. I added some of my mulberries I had frozen from my summer harvest, which gave it a beautiful colour. I sweetened it a little with some raw honey I had traded for previously and infused it with cinnamon. End result... delicious Honey sweetened, cinnamon infused, mulberry & crabapple jelly. The huge amount of pectin in the crabapples sets the jelly perfectly. No added nasties, just pure, organic, real food! Waterbath canned and in my pantry. #homecanning #realfood #norefinedsugar #organicgardening #bartereconomy #permaculture #homesteading #homegarden #paleo #paleodiet #keto #ketodiet #justeatrealfood #growyourownfood #lowtoxliving #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #sustainableliving #organicliving #foodismedicine @limestone_permaculture @milkwood_permaculture @humanswhogrowfood @costasworld

Now the weather is getting cooler, a nice uplifting diffuser blend is in order!
Try 2 drops of Elevation with 3 drops each of Geranium and Patchouli - it’s divine 😍
Message me if you don’t have oils yet but you’d like to know more 💚🌿

Your journey doesn't start until you do// "One day we'll eat healthier, use non toxic products, actively care for the environment, seek natural solutions for the family...." 🌱 One day is TODAY! Don't know where to start? Want to learn more about how you and your family could benefit from essential oils nautural first aid and immune support, low tox cleaning and for emotional & sleep support?! Let's chat! Today can be your day one! ✨ #doterra #lowtoxliving #dayone #liveyourbestlife #essentialoils #diy #diymumma #naturalwellness

I am ashamed at the length of time it has been since I cleaned my makeup brushes 😳 I don't wear tart paint daily anymore, but it still has been too long between cleans!
I washed them tonight the way I always do, in warm water with a squirt of On Guard cleaner concentrate - super cleansing!!! Now they are on a tea towel drying overnight. Easy, free of nasties and very effective!

Espresso martini 🍸 with a twist! Drop of orange 🍊 was delicious!

The best thing about making my own make up remover, is knowing what goes onto my kids face to remove this!

Today we had a DIY cleaning spray and natural healing workshop 🙏🏼✨ some of our pure EO infused treats. A great time had by all #lowtoxliving

When the old sniffles come to town, these are my go to oils to help me get a good night’s sleep. I am so grateful to have these beautiful oils in my ‘toolkit’ and to be able to support my health naturally 🌿🍋🙌🏻 @doterraaunz @doterra @wellnesswithworkbootson_
#doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils #winterwellness #diffuserblend #lemon #easyair #onguard #sundaynight

All of my oily friends, whether your on my team or not, part of the @doterra team or not, I want to hear from you! .
What’s the best thing about having essential oils in your life? .
Mine is that I can support my body in so many ways just by turning to my oils. I have taken back a lot of healing power. .
Let’s inspire each other. What do essential oils mean for you? .
#realrawradiant #doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils #support #doterralife #favourite #health #immunity #emotional #beauty #lowtoxliving #notox #inspire

Who else is defrosting in the bath this weekend? Just add a few drops of our Serenity Essential Oil Blend to take you to a state of ultimate relaxation. We couldn't think of a better way to enjoy the last moments of the weekend and recharge for Monday! #blackchickenremedies

Last chance!
Sign up for our 'I Quit Chemicals' eCourse 🌿TONIGHT.....we kick off tomorrow, Monday May 28th.
An empowering journey with us, to learn how to live with less toxin exposure, create healthy homes and office spaces, eat for vitality, maximise fertility, navigate living with wi-fi safely and to maximise detoxification, plus much more.
If you've been wanting to know more but feeling overwhelmed, unwell or undecided, now is the time to jump in!
At less than $29 per module, it's an investment in your family's health worth making. 💚See our course outline and sign up at www.iquitchemicals.net ( link in bio). Tabitha @awakenyourhealth and I, are excited to share our knowledge with you to make realistic, positive and practical changes for maximum health impacts. #iquitchemicals #ecourse #healthy #home #happy #family #switchtosafer #education #knowledge #power #empowerment #lifechanging #information #lowtoxliving #chemicalfree #vitality

When your daughter is given Lip smackers for her birthday and you are absolutely horrified with the ingredients.
Quick thinking mummy, switched labels on a doTERRA lip balm and bargained to make tinted ones tomorrow.
It was a very lovely gesture, people are just not aware.
#lowtoxliving #chemicals #lipbalm

DO YOU WASH YOUR VEGIES? Recently I read a study saying that washing your fruit and veggies has little effect on your exposure to pesticides bc washing only removes the pesticides on the surface🛁🍎🤔 .
That was SLIGHTLY disappointing but never the less... I still wash my fruit and veg bc even just a small reduction in pesticide exposure is a GOOD thing!! Plus you never know who sneezed, coughed or touched that apple🤧😷🤢🍏 .
🌸Happier, Healthier Hormones eBook LAUNCHES on Tuesday 29th May🌸 .
📸 @nutritionstripped

I 💜 adding 1-2 drops of Smart and Sassy, dōTERRA’s active and metabolic blend, to my drink bottle after yoga. .
#doterra #doterraessentialoils #doterralife #essentialoils #yoga #metabolismbooster #metabolicsupport #gettinginshape #healthandfitness #lowtoxliving #lowtoxlife #bordercolliestagram #bordercolliesofaustralia

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