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Hundreds of families move into a new affordable housing complex in downtown San Diego dubbed "Atmosphere." Most strikingly, there are 700 on waiting list hoping for a coveted spot. #affordablehousing #downtownsandiego #housingcrisis #lowincomehousing #atmosphere

Nieco brzydsza cześć Sam Francisco czyli #lowincomehousing gdzie,aż roi się od bezdomniakow. Smród unosił się w powietrzu. Totalne slumsy. Ale wiecie co jest najlepsze? Ze oni stworzyli system "jednej sypialni" czyli w mieszkaniach dostępna jest tylko jedna sypialnia dla osób zarabiających mniej. Koszt? $1500-$2000 😂😂 nic dziwnego,ze większość jednak wybiera życie na gigancie. San Francisco jest pełne tego syfu i widać to na każdym kroku niestety.

Because we want to make safer cities
Nyeri town...
We are coming for you 🔥 (the clutch pencil was strategically placed there by accident @g_karugu @construction_grl 🤣)

We are still looking for people to join our new Construction track. This track is open to men and women who are interested in growing their skills in project management, strategic planning and site maintenance. You can apply for this internship by going to lovethyneighborhood.org/apply #LTNlife #construction #building #lowincomehousing

Loving this beautiful weather we are having.. 80's all week!
#lowincomehousing #shoebox #section8isballin

There is a long line at least 250 yards long of mostly older Chinese people from the Kukui Plaza entrance on Maunakea St., past Honolulu Tower, and wrapping around the corner on Beretania St. Someone told me they are waiting to get applications for low income housing there. #KukuiPlaza #LowIncomeHousing #ChinatownHI #Honolulu #Hawaii


Missing that #savoylondon but I guess #savoyplace, #lowincomehousing will have to do.

#burnaby #canada #london #savoy #sobu

A few photos of three beautiful #hiddengardens from Verne Barry, Ferguson and Herkiner Resident Gardens this past Friday. These apartment buildings are apart of #dwellingplacegr #lowincomehousing, which also promotes community action and health through gardening programs. We loved chatting with residents who proudly showed us their fresh bounties and expressed how gardening a few hours a week greatly helps their mental health and subsidizes tight grocery budgets. Programs like these, also sponsored through local green building and sustainability grants, make living a gentle, holistic, healthy and compassionate lifestyle feasible for all in a time where fast food is cheaper than produce. Many residents are learning how to can veggies, dry and process fresh herbs for year long enjoyment, and they also offer areas for passersby and non-resident gardeners to harvest from the gardens as they wish. The gardens have decreased loitering of illegal activities on the premises, such as drugs and open containers in the area, a problem that plagues many low income and inner-city housing developments. The bears sitting on the garden bed in the first photo are the children of the happily married couple responsible for the photographed bed. These gardens are also accessible for all ages and abilities. The third photo also shows part of a sunflower that is nearly 10 feet tall. #downtowngr #environmentaljustice #sustainability #organic #plantbased #compassionateliving #compassionateeating #grandrapids #firstfridays #avenueofthearts #urbangarden #beauty

Because Of 30 Years Of Dedication To The Dignity And Right For All To Have Affordable Housing, Cook Crossing, Named After Cyndy Cook, (Center Left) Will Be Opening Low Income Housing Of Almost 100 Beautiful Apartments in Downtown Redmond, Oregon. Through Cyndy's Mission, Of Not Taking No For An Answer, And Tireless Help of Many Other People And Their Agencies A Miracle Is Born!!! 8-5-17. The lack of Low income housing has become a blight upon the land everywhere in the USA and Worldwide. Also picture is Tami Baney and Mayor George Endicott ....far left. Wells Fargo took care of the financing if the am not mistaken. Architect pictured and others who's names escape me! Kudos to all.... The lack of affordable housing Rocks me to the core... If anyone would like me to texts the photos I took just let me know.

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