Do you have any curtains that are clean, mould free and reusable to donate to our Curtain Bank this winter? For more details check out our website www.sustaintrust.org.nz/pages/free-curtains or email rose@sustaintrust.org.nz

School of Landscape Architecture and Planning students competed in the Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge and made it to the finals in San Francisco!
Our interdisciplinary team won the 3rd place & the Honorable mention for their project, "Paseo Linda, Tucson," a low income housing development for veterans. The judges were impressed by the team's "social sustainability: addressing the population needs, focusing on being a change agent, adopting TOD in Tucson, resisting gentrification, while addressing needs for veterans." UC Berkeley won the 1st place.
Congratulations to everyone for doing such amazing work!
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Why is their low income housing instead of one set community for everyone. They keep us divided

@herbjwesson had a rally for the homeless issue in Los Angeles, let's hope this isn't just another photo opportunity. Something must be done and something must be done to help provide affordable housing in this city. Your entire workforce can not afford to live in the city they service. #talkischeap
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New property here in Key West. Cant wait to get this one started. No better way to spend your Saturday than touring your projects. Blessed to call this work!

Last night marked 30 successful years of the ownership partnership agreement between the @cstoboston and WinnCompanies to own and manage #castlesquare. The award-winning, 500-unit #lowincomehousing community, located in Boston's #southend neighborhood, serves as a national model for joint-ownership between a property management and development company and a nonprofit #tenantsassociation. #workwithwinn #connectedcommunities

Today is Vermont Gives! Check out our GiveGab page (link in bio!)

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Get the credit you NEED...don't let bad credit stop you another day in your life. Don't wait until you need to use your credit, to consider fixing your credit.*
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Tag a friend!
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Read Hope's story here: Vermontgives.org/organizations/home-share-now

“The stressors of growing up food insecure are linked to mental illness” ✨ Food insecurity causes children developmental delay due to low quality foods...while the stressors of living in environments without food causes individuals to suffer from depression & other mental health issues. The stress of potential starvation alters every family member for life. It is a specific kind of feeling when you don’t know when you’ll eat next. When you know you can’t help fix the problem. The nagging constant fear that you ARE the problem. When you wait in the park during summer break for the bagged lunch they dispense, because the government knows (and barely cares!) that children are starving without their school meals. 👼 My fatberg baby is made of the greases & fats we waste down the drain. A clogged mass of remains. In the US over 40% of our food is thrown away while 1 in 6 children goes hungry. That’s 13 million children. Growing up my mother would go hungry to ensure I ate. These memories of sacrifice remind me of the blessings I have had and how lucky I am to be here today. Our nation of excess is built on the backs of starving masses. #fatberg #feminist #feministart #queerparenting #queerart #beading #makersgonnamake #softsculpture #sculpture #mentalillness #poverty #feedthechildren #childhoodpoverty #nextmeal #foodart #poorparents #wic #lowincomehousing #foodwaste #growinguppoor #brownbag #handsewn #politicalart #bassinet #hungrybaby

Tomorrow's the big day!

Tomorrow is Vermont Gives—don't sleep on us!

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It's that time of year: Vermont Gives!

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Did you know that every time a Windermere agent sells a home, a portion of their commission goes to the Windermere Foundation? Funds directly support low-income and homeless children & families in right in our community ❤️👫🙌

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