Fairy Penguins🐧 these little penguins are the smallest on earth. They only get up to 33cm tall and they're real name is Eudyptula Minor which is Greek for "Good Little Diver". This name fits perfectly as these little guys swim about 40km into the ocean to fish all day long. At the end of the day they all return to the coast of Tasmania. When they come out of the water they huddle up together in a group and run up the beach to their nests. Just look at them!!
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Nice day apart from the wind 🌬🌬#lowhead #lowheadlighthouse #tasmania

14. Late at night it’s amazing what you see locally! #fmsphotoaday #lowhead #tasmania #penguins #cute

Misty morning at Low Head Tasmania #lowhead #lowheadtasmania #lowheadtouristpark

Misty morning with Bella boxer #lowhead #lowheadtasmania

Sometimes the shadows of things are cooler than the things themselves. In this case the things are some flowers. And what I presume is a miniature dinosaur.
I didn't even notice the dinosaur until I got home and was looking at it on my laptop.
Speaking of laptops, which we weren't, but we are now. One thing that always makes me laugh in movies is when someone is talking to someone else via Skype or whatever on their laptop, and when they finish they just close the lid. Because clicking on the 'end call' button presumably isn't dramatic enough or something.
Who actually does that tho!? If I close my laptop when it's still on it gets angry with me and won't start up again later unless I hold the off switch down with my tongue while standing on my head. Ok, slight exaggeration, but my point is it's always really difficult to restart.
Plus on movies nobody ever actually says 'goodbye' at the end of a call, unless they're about to blow the other person up or something, so the person on the other end is probably sitting there still, saying "Hello. Are you still there? Where'd he go?"
The other thing I hate about movies is when the 'hero' gets saved because someone sacrifices their life for them. Or someone else turns up and helps just in the nick of time.
So the so-called hero isn't a hero at all, just someone who is incredibly lucky and has suicidal mates.
It's lazy writing I reckon. And makes for a bit of a crappy ending.
Speaking of crappy endings...
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Low Head is a beautiful place to visit. This older gentleman gave us a free guided tour of the lighthouse and surrounds - Glenn #lowhead #lowheadlighthouse #lowheadtasmania @lowheadpenguintours #lowheadpenguintours @893lafm #lafm

Flashback to last Friday! Seriously was it just last week? Feels like long time ago 😐🙃 #lowhead #lighthouse #tasmania #holiday #friday #iphonephotography @tasmania @ve.d.a

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