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Trying to get replenish fluids like a mofo... at least they gave me pink Coban 👍my BP was 90/52 yikes!! #lowBP #blooddonation #waterload

Adiós bitch😂 come back soon #lowbp #brothers

Why is this happening to me ... I get discharged - I have one good day and boom - dangerously low- dizzy and tripping .... #lowBP #crohns #sickie

First attempt in cooking Black Garlic; 80% successful. Further time management is needed. Taste alright! #blackgarlic #lowbp #lowcholesterol

And THIS would be why I can't function.
And why I'm being seen by a cardiologist.
And what chemotherapy does to the heart.

Rejected (donor) since 2006.
#lowironcount #lowbp

Ps: ah du your fav face @jiefanq

Admitted in CWS for two days!
Wish me a speedy recovery :)
#Sickemania #LowBP #Hospitalized #GettingBored #WillGetWellSoon


When your dog is a walking foot elevator 😂😂👏🏼

So the day before yesterday I tried a TENS machine for my fibro pain and it actually did wonders, it felt extremely weird at the time though & you can see in the video my leg spazaming a little 😂. LITTLE FURTHER UPDATE ON YESTERDAY - as I mentioned in the last post; we self discharged, the situation would have been different given I had a different triage nurse, but hey lewisham hospital is 💩! The symptoms (in full) that I had were heart rate lowest 103bpm heighest nearly 135bpm I think, this lead in to my becoming breathless like my throat had closed for 5 minuets (my dad said it was an anxiety attack but it really didn’t feel like one) , meaning my parents called 999, my parents managed to find me a salbutamol inhaler that worked very well. The paramedic said it was a ‘placebo’ effect but I’m telling you now if I could’ve breathed normally I would’ve. Regardless they wanted to take me in and my dad kept asking me what I thought it was what I thought they were going to do ect... wich is very unlike him he usually thinks I know to much medical stuff and when I didn’t know it made me feel really out of control so we left. That was my night pretty much 🤧 Although I’m continuously waking up in night sweats regardless if I leave my window open in near freezing conditions or if I wear pyjamas or don’t I always get them and they are soaking through my sheets making it damp and horrible, does anyone have any suggestions/ ideas and could be a symptom of one of my illnesses ? (They are new diagnoses) (they will be in the hashtags ) #hEDS #type3ehlersdanlos #fibromyalgia #tachycardia #chronicurticaria #anxiety #ocd #depression #lowbp #tremors #fibromyalgiafit #spasms #chronicillness #chronicpain

My first meal in EMD on Monday night. Of all places. Just have to get things checked.

#emd #accidentandemergency #heartpulpitations #chestdiscomfort #lowbp #lowpotassiumlevels

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