Not sure why but a sandwich always tastes better when cut into triangles, do you agree.
Now to make a start with my afternoon appointments 💕
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Good morning!! Today is most definitely a good day to have a good day 💖
No matter our struggles or circumstances, we have a choice every morning to be happy or not. I look into the faces of my sleeping babies (so innocent and quiet lol) and feel so blessed. I choose happy!
Have an amazing day 😍

“Nunca serás capaz de escapar de tu corazón, así que mejor escucha lo que tiene que decir” -Paulo Coelho 💗

Freshly shaved now of to work :) #lovinglife #workhard #geeksquad

Feeling a little #better @diablosugarfree #diabetes still sad but working hard to get better #healing #nutrition #lovinglife #wednesdaywisdom

This Apple tree is at least 30 ft tall with the same circumference. This year it was loaded with an abundant crop. We have hauled at least 40 bushel of fallen ground apples to woods for deer, bees, wasps, ants and whoever else wants it.
We gave 161 pounds to local food pantries and have dried what began as 400 pounds. (Guess what we’re giving for Christmas!) Still there are Apples this 59 year old grandma had to stop herself from climbing to retrieve! Jay put the 13 ft ladder away before he left yesterday, “I don’t want you climbing that without me here to get you to the hospital.” What a lesson in caretaking and ancestors!
My great grandpa and grandma Reed owned thousands of acres of orchards along and east to the mountains on what is now Orchard Drive in Bountiful Utah.
They had sold most of it by the time I was a child though I have memories of orchards of Apricot, Pear and Apple trees. I recall the cold dark root cellar and great grandmas flower garden. I climbed those trees as a child with my ancient grandma telling how the fruit needed to look and feel before picking. Her small bent body holding out a strong arm pointing me to branches strong enough to provide me a solid base.
These memories revisit as I work with this one tree and I am blessed with the spirit of my ancestors on this our sacred place.
God works in mysterious ways, during our darkest hours we are graced with opportunities to see tremendous Good. It is our choice to open to the path we may not have expected as we forgive one another we move forward in a direction far beyond our wildest dreams. We are Challenged to create more than we’d ever have materialized on the road we chose.
This Apple tree is a wonderful teacher. As I was working these Apples I realized I have mastered preservation of garden abundance. I had the opportunity to meet tremendous Julie Wilke at St Vincent’s food pantry who gets around faster and with agility as she maneuvers herself in her wheelchair. And Jay was my support crew! We did this together.
To my ancestors, I give thanks and am humbled by the teachings you still opportune me with.
Haho Haho Haho Haho #god is good #lovinglife #ancestors

I stumbled across this photo of a wagtail I used to feed at my townhouse, and it brought back sooo many memories. How I miss them!❤❤ #capetown #westerncape #southafrica #wagtail #bird #love #nature #lovinglife #throughmyeyes

Its early and I'm already winning the day. How about you my friends? Happy Wednesday from Etheric Skincare 😉

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