So many lovely people and moments the last days! First thanks to Oliver “the German” and the lovely couple from Belgium, Mari and Meverick, for accompanying me. Also thanks to Yoko-San and Hiroshima-San for running such a inspiring eco farm and creating projects for biodiversity in the woods at the same time as they teach children about animals and nature - a very warm home and great conversations about the state of the world etc. Finally a big thanks to Kaori-san that I met weeks ago at Cape Muroto with the rainbow ladies! She invited me and my friend to two amazing dinners and took us by car to the temples of the beautiful island, Miyaima. 25 years ago she started a kindergarten that today takes care of thousands of children through out Japan. As you can see from the pictures there are even more people to thank. It’s obvious how this unconditional generosity and kindness creates ripple effects in society. I’m learning allot here - thank you 🙏🏼 #lovingkindness #revolutionofcompassion #acallforrevolution #compassion #love #generosity #learning

Today let’s practice equanimity with ourselves — accepting all the parts of ourselves from our favorites to least favorites.

May you be happy....may you be safe......may you be free from suffering and may you live your life with ease.....💕 Loving Kindness or Metta Meditation, can be a difficult practice especially when not feeling so warm hearted. We all have people in our lives who drive us crazy, who we love and cherish, who we barely notice and who has caused us great pain. It’s easy to send love out to those who bring us joy. What about the people we aren’t focused on or those who have caused great harm either emotionally or physically? One of the most freeing things to do while invoking an inner feeling of warmth, is to wish them all well. It is a gentle invitation to soften the heart and any sadness or pain that is held there begins to feel lighter.
May all beings everywhere, known and unknown, near and far, be happy....be safe....be free from suffering and live their lives with ease......❤️ How do you cultivate loving kindness?

Excerpted from the Mindful Life Program Community App. For a complete daily teaching, including guided meditations and daily mindfulness exercises, see link on our profile.⠀

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I’m now a certified restorative yogi ! I wanna get all the practice I can possibly get so please please let me know when you would like to meet for a private yoga nidra class (google it !! 🤗) .... free ! but tips appreciated!! Big thank you to @fitcolumbia for hosting this wonderful training experience and for @angelayongsellers not only being a kickass “storm with skin”, as she says, and showing us all the #asana poses and postures and adjustments and whatnot but for bringing so much yummy positive energy to the Columbia community. Thank you Angie for being so inclusive in your practice. Thank you for truly respecting the cultural background of yoga and for understanding representation of POC, curvy humans, and lgbtqia is not only important but necessary. I L-O-V-E you with my whole 🧡!!! And massive thank you to @maxinedeutschendorf for showing us the ropes on all things #pranayama your vitality, grace, wisdom, and strength were immaculate and made this experience so incredibly sweet 🍯 I have so much gratitude and love in this moment and I am eager to guide all you precious marshmallows to a state of calm and true grounding with this beautiful earth. 🍯🤗

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. #scripture #wordstoliveby #peaceful #sharelove #lovingkindness

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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” - Viktor Frankl. Half way into our Mindfulness Introductory course, I am in complete awe of the dedication and contribution in the meditation classes and the interest in the teachings. There is so much beauty in these practices, but man it takes courage to begin to go within! So grateful❤️🙏🏻❤️#mindfulness #heartcentered #lovingkindness #gratitude #meditation #meditationclass #reykjavikyoga

Gather seeds of awareness. Plant seeds of awareness. Water seeds of awareness. Be committed to living a life of honest awareness. Mindful awareness is love illuminated.
Acceptance and compassion are the loving antidotes to the pain or fear that can arise with truth and awareness.

Words of wisdom from the bathroom of @revolutioncommunityyoga studio! #wordsofwisdom #yogainspiration #lovingkindness

#SpiritSunday: One of my favorite psalms is about being still and remaining at peace. Psalm 46:10, Be Still and know that I am God, captures the essence of this quote. I’m realizing that living in the highest and most honorable version of me requires a daily mindset of peace. Do you agree with this quote and the Psalm?⠀

Reposting @calm:⠀
"May you be at peace. @ladygaga
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Yoga with me this week!

TONIGHT on Zoom 9pm
Intuitive Yoga + Ecstatic Dance
This class is totally free and open to men + women. Join me on Zoom for a holistic yoga + dance practice that will enhance multiple areas of your life, including your sex life. Link to sign up is on my profile.

MONDAY at Argyle Park Community - 35 Davin Crescent
6:30 Level 1 Gentle Flow
8:00 Level 2 Flow
$10/class drop in or prorated for the rest of the session at $6/class (seriously!!! best yoga deal in town). There is a one time $5 community membership fee for your first class.

TUESDAY at Soul Garden Yoga in Indian Head
7pm - Gentle Flow. This class is full, but send me a DM if you want to join us because there are often cancellations. $15 drop in

THURSDAY at Soul Garden Yoga in Indian Head
7pm - Beginner Hatha Yoga
2 available spots - DM to book one. $15 drop in.

FRIDAY at @motherwolfsoulandbody in Fort Qu'appelle
Friday Night Bliss - Gentle Yoga, Reiki + Yoga Nidra
5 spots open - contact Mother Wolf to hold yours. $48 to sign up for the remainder of the classes
$15/drop in

I would LOVE to see you this week. Let's connect.

@benowensphotography for @lululemon

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